VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Gets (Too?) Sexy Onstage

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Gets (Too?) Sexy Onstage-photo

And some people wonder why other people consider Miley Cyrus a bad influence.

Check out this video of the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star performing "Breakout" at Chicago's United Center on Tuesday in tight leather short-shorts. Of particular note, at about the two-minute mark, Miley really gets in touch with herself.

Is America's reigning tween queen getting too sexy for her audience? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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  • leavemileyalone!!

    gohd, you f*ck!ing miley haters, f*ck off!!! and besides, the pole dancing at the TCAs wasnt even bad, she went down once and thats it! the media makes a big deal outta nothing because they want to see a much better person than the sh!t that they are crumble!

  • dasher

    miley is not bad at all shes just growing up theres nothing bad in it

  • danishgirl

    It's not that bad,

  • jayla

    Leave her alone! GOD!! You people just hate her for all the SMALL bad things she does, eg, RANDOM dancing on stage, what would you do? Your on stage, most of your dancing isn't planned so you jsut do what comes to mind, jeez. How bout all the good things she does? No1 EVER talks about that on these lame sites! Maybe you people should actualy take the time to learn about all the good stuff shes been doing and THEN state your opinion.

  • jen

    WOOPTI FREAKING DOO!!! Give her a break for once! Celebuzz, you CLEARLY don't like Miley, so why don't you keep your pathetic attemps to make her look bad to yourself because we come here for NEWS not Judgment!

  • mel

    she didn''t do anything wrong i was out last Saturday wearing much the same as her and dancing worse than her just give her a break oh yeah I'm 17 and she's going to be soon as well she isn't 11 anymore

  • citygirl

    wow she didnt even do sh*t! i was waitin and waitin leave her alone dude i think she is pretty smart in hollywood she knows wat to do and wat sells...sometimes it kant be all perfect people

  • jacqueline soares
    jacqueline soares

    dont watch her then wtf

  • Bina

    LAME she didn't even do much why is everyone so conservative its getting sick. Leave Miley Alone!

  • fgyh

    wtf did she do? seriously ppl need to get over it, YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME FEEL BAD FOR HER!!!

  • LT28551

    Omg... seriously, she didn't do anything that bad! Now, the halloween costume for Noah was a bit too much, but she is 9. Miley is almost an adult now. What are you going to say when she turns 18??? This is America, and she has the constitutional right to do as she pleases. If the media wanted someone to be a PERMANENT kid's role model, they should have picked a barbie doll that doesn't grow up... And keep in mind, as Miley ages, so does her fanbase... get a grip!!

  • jordanxx

    What's the big deal? People have to remember that she's not the kid we 1st saw in hannah montana anymore, she's almost 17 now! Yes she has young fans but she is allowed to act her age! I still love her and will always be a fan. Can't wait to see her in december :D xoxo

  • annas♥

    give this girl a break already she is growing up deal with it. she isn't doing anything wrong. people u are looking at the wrong person to be the villian wake up already. she does an awesome job luv her

  • lisa

    give this girl a break already she is growing up deal with it. she isn't doing anything wrong. people u are looking at the wrong person to be the villian wake up already.

  • s

    That wasn't that bad, I thought it was going to be much worse.

  • s

    I didn't think it was all that bad, i thought she was going to be humping something ha ha. The stripper pole thing was much more inappropriate.

  • star

    give the girl a break, seriously its pathetic how every1 keeps judgin her 4 everythin she dus, shes growin wiv it. iv seen loadz worse stop bein such prudes! its cruel n evil how every1 keeps bashin her over stupid irrelevant things! how about concentratin on ALL the gud things shes doin like raisin ova 2 million dollars 4 cancer, makin ill little childrens dreams come true n helpin kids over come bullyin, people need 2 be praisin her for that. you are so narrow minded!