Adam Lambert's Single Cover and Song

Adam Lambert's Single Cover  and Song-photo

Now this is more like it.

Check out the cover for Adam Lambert's upcoming single, "For Your Entertainment." It appears to be a marked improvement over the cover for his album of the same name, which the public seems to be split on.

Share your opinion in the comments section—Yes? No? Meh?

Oh, and the song had its debut on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning. Listen to it below, and feel free to chime in on that too.



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  • Gina

    Adam is amazing, and also this cover

  • Mariel

    just loved it =)

  • marcia s
    marcia s

    LUV THIS PIC! LUV THIS SONG ! THIS IS WAY COOL ! Now can they use this for the CD cover? Now this is what am talking about! This is my glambert !

  • JLM

    " his hands looks like sausage fingers. " You have to be the person going around constantly talking about Adam being fat and ugly and I have heard your sausage fingers comment too - Are you STALKING ADAM?? You just read every article on him to insult him. Sounds sick.

  • Jane

    Love it!! Sexy, edgy and one of the best electro pop songs I have ever heard. Leave it to Adam to take that genre to a whole new level. I know he will go into about every genre he can get on one album and I just can't wait!! Adam Rocks!!

  • Jill

    Ths cover for the single should be the album cover! Love the single cover it is so Adam.

  • kookiechristmas

    what a total tranny. he looks like a freakshow, and his makeup artist needs to get some matte foundation for him, his current one is so greasy. and tyra would be disgusted with his pose, miss jay would say that his hands looks like sausage fingers.

  • Chris


  • Hanh

    oh man hot oh my god i so love it . really yes babe

  • Rennie

    This is really, really good, and I'm not even an Adam fan per se. I am pleasantly surprised. For some odd reason, I'm feeling a MJ vibe here. RIP Mike, I miss you and your genius.

  • JANE

    this song is HOT!!!

  • Barbara

    Absolutely fantastic single by Adam! But I knew it would be. I love (and would always love) everything he sings. He is a different kind of musician. Can't wait for the entire album.

  • Diane

    Love it. So happy for Adam. I wish him all the success in the world.

  • luvme

    I freaking love this. Can not WAIT until the album comes out.

  • nik111

    Now we're talking. Way cool, provocative and what we all expected.

  • yoyo

    Love it!