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  • riley

    Too funny! Remember this is not a real bathroom, it is setup to look like one and has a hidden camera. So Taylor probably guessed that while having the crap scared out of her..no pun intended..lol

  • michael h
    michael h

    that was hilarousssssssssssssssssssss, i feel like tahts happened to me so many times lol. shes so cute and ellen really put a scream into it!!

  • Emily Wilkes
    Emily Wilkes

    This was hilarious. I questioned too why she is putting her head down on a bathroom floor, but she did sort of fall and couldn't stop laughing.

  • Judy

    Let's face it, if it weren't for the girl with the long, black leather boots, this would be the most boring thing on the Net.

  • chichi

    ew, why is she putting her head on a toilet floor? i would never even touch a toilet floor with my hands let alone put my head and hair near it.

  • sydsouth

    * that was hilarious...love Ellen so much!!* =}

  • XD

    LMAO i would be so pissed if someone did that to me

  • hatti

    that is SOOOO funny. classic prank. i love taylor she is so talented.

  • bev1314

    hahaha i cant stop replaying it!