VIDEO: Taylor Swift On 'Ellen'

VIDEO: Taylor Swift On 'Ellen'-photo

Aww, we can't get enough of Taylor Swift these days!

The country singer appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about what's going on in her crazy life these days. And yep, Ellen DeGeneres popped the big question that everyones thinking—just what the heck is going on with her and Taylor Lautner these days?

Jump to the 5:00 mark for the adorable awkardness:



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  • sarah

    She has the best laugh! So cute!

  • Izzie

    Ellen: "Is he a good kisser?" Taylor: " Heehee... what?" GRR. I really wanted her to answer that super important question. But I'll take that as a yes, YAY! Now I'm even more in love with Team Jacob.

  • aashiee

    so sw--eeet!!

  • Lila

    She's just too adorable for words!!! So refreshing to see an intelligent, kind, humble young lady being successful and not turning into a vapid narcissist... LOVE HER!!!

  • Lauren ashley
    Lauren ashley

    Aww, she's so sweet :)

  • bev1314

    aww shes adorable!

  • mekate

    cuteeee!!! Ellen: Is he a good kisser ??? Taylor:..... hihih what ?