Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment: Track and Collaborators Listing

Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment: Track and Collaborators Listing-photo

Behold! The track listing and list of collaborators for Adam Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment (out on November 23), has been released!

Looks like the American Idol fave was working with some heavy hitters—Linda Perry, Kara DioGuardi and (yes!) Pink are among those who contributed to the collection.

Looks like he has the makings of a smash-hit on his hands. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

1 “Music Again” 3:16 – Rob Cavallo, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness
2 “For Your Entertainment” 3:35 – Claude Kelly/Dr. Luke
3 “Whataya Want from Me” 3:47 – Pink, Max Martin
4 “Strut” 3:29 – Adam Lambert, Kara DioGuardi
5 “Soaked” 4:33 – Muse
6 “Sure Fire Winners” 3:32 – Rob Cavallo
7 “A Loaded Smile” 4:04 – Adam Lambert, Linda Perry
8 “If I Had You” 3:48
9 “Fever” 3:26
10 “Sleepwalker” 4:25 – Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsay, Ryan Tedder
11 “Aftermath” 4:26
12 “Broken Open” 5:03
13 “Time for Miracles” Bonus Track 4:43 – Rob Cavallo



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  • KatieCakes_Baby

    OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone PLEASE help me out with this i need this CD to save my life but were should i get it i want the best one and why does the i tunes one have like 16 songs and this one only has 14?!?!? what is up with that i need the best one PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Email me at

  • JLM

    Love it!! Very sexy and catchy!! And for the person who keeps going on sites saying it sounds like Sparrow Black and Gold - you are nuts! There is nothing similar at all - not lyrically, not in the beat, not in the tone and certainly not in the vocals. Adam's song is awesome!! Adam can't wait to see what else you have in store for us - it is about to get crazy!!!

  • Susan Edmunds
    Susan Edmunds

    He is a talented singer but don't over look his genius for dialogue with his audience. Opposing visual and audial genres and the benign with the diabolical he narrates his contingency. What is more, with each audial and visual release, he has created his own context. The superficial techno pop is deceptively simple and straight forward, easily dismissed by the mind that is boxed in by cultural predjudices as is the cover but go beyond that and.............

  • ianaleah

    Adam's album was listened to and reviewed by Reality Rocks and it is too good for mere words, expected great and even better than that.

  • Miss Kay
    Miss Kay

    This track list is not the final list. There are 14 tracks on the album including #9 Pick U Up. Full list on PlanetFierce

  • maryann

    There is nothing wrong with being overly hyped. A singer has to be that in order to be recognized. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with being a male Britney Spears, if ever there is one! Love, love, love For Your Entertainment and Time for Miracles!!!

  • kjjkkjiiu


  • suzana

    Adam deserves it

  • markenne

    talentless man, you shall see shame.

  • hi

    NO WAY!!!!!!! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winston

    RJT- or, he's incredibly hyped because people recognize the most talented singer of the decade.

  • RJT

    Terrible song. Most overly hyped singer of the decade. A male versions of Britney Spears.

  • Jenn

    Looks like you didn't get all the songs on this list. Adam wrote several of them for one thing and he has some bonus tracks. I have already bought the CD for a gift and the deluxe CD for myself. I hope he does some music videos and goes on tour before too long. There is nothing like being in the room when Adam performs. It is like being sucked into the magic!! I can't wait till this CD is released. Adam Rocks!!

  • Dina

    I have already bought the two singles found in the Zune Marketplace and I admit that Adam Lambert is an awafuly great singer, I will buy his new abum, can't wait indeed! His voice shall remain in the history of music, love you Adam!

  • Hanh

    I love You ADAM. YeaHHHHHHHH .

  • Hanh

    I love you Adam . Chiaki!!!!!!

  • ICantHelpIt

    LOL XD

  • terie

    Best singer in decades. Can't wait for the album right after the AMA Awards on Nov. 22nd. Don't forget TIME FOR MIRACLES on 2012 movie soundtrack also. Check out his website ... TFM and FYE are streaming there ... pre-order DELUXE EDITION of FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT & download the single. Lots of great things coming for our ADAM!!

  • V.

    can't wait

  • Suzanne

    Yep. Adam's album, as well as his single, is destined to be a big hit. I would be very surprised if it was not. Many, many fans have been patiently awaiting its release, including myself. His voice is so fabulous, I'd buy anything he records. He can sing it all.