Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman Have Split Up—or Have They?

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman Have Split Up—or Have They?-photo

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman have apparently broken up—or not, depending on which story you believe.

Extra reported on Friday that, following an emotional week during which Glassman accused the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad of being abusive, the couple called it quits.

Their source claims that, after seeking the spiritual counsel of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Gosselin "apparently decided he needed to spend some time on his own," adding, "They're taking a break."

But before you break out the handkerchiefs, another source tells People magazine that the "break-up" was actually a meticulously planned scheme on Gosselin and Glassman's part:

"This was all a carefully orchestrated sequence: First, Hailey laments how hard her life has been lately and how bad Jon treats her, then Jon repents. Next, Jon plans to announce that he is going to be spending some time alone. It has all been designed so that it doesn't seem as though Hailey got dumped."

So what's the next step in their cunning little plan? Time will tell, but the source is fairly certain that Jon and Hailey haven't seen the last of each other:

"Jon has said he was done [with Hailey] before, but he basically hasn't been single since he was 19 ... He doesn't really know how to be alone. He'll probably still spend most of his time either with Hailey, or some new girl."

Or maybe they're just trying to keep their names in the headlines, and Jon and Hailey are having a good laugh over this right now?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman are really broken up, or is this all a big publicity stunt?



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  • fanofjon&kate+8

    I believe them, I believe they are two average joes in the middle of a media circus. Celebs like madonna and other famous actresses and actprs have been in the spotlight they have been coached. These people are average people who are stuck in between having a normal life and a media circus. I dont try agree with Jons decisions of being out in the public eye so much but hey he is human, he wanted a little taste of the sweet celeb life, and he is paying for it now and knows now the cost of being in the public eye, critism, judgement, all that comes along with it. I have been a huge fan of jon & kate plus 8 before any of this cheating junk ever started. And I truely do believe Jon is a descent man who is a weird and confusing spot. I wish him, kate, the kids, and EVEN hailey the best of luck because they are human and they are people who have feelings and by all you people judging them you are adding fuel to the fire, and I hope you all know how it feels to be judged and put under a micriscope.

  • topshelface

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  • jeffvond

    Who Really Cares??

  • Scott

    It's a pathetic scam designed to improve the image of the knucle-headed duo. They break up, Jon reflects in the Jewish community, Jon "discovers" ethics,and they rush back into each others arms.....and thank GOD it will be all caught on a new reality show. Hailey and Jon getting back together.

  • vickie

    Jon needs more than his spiritual Rabbi, He needs therapy. He carries too much emotional baggage that was already there while he was married. His kind of help will take years Now that his relationship with Hayley has ended, I hope he stays away from Kate . Kate and Jon as just not compatible for eachother especially with the demons Jon carries emotionally.

  • nancy

    liars. back together after he repents to Rabbi Neon-Religion. do they really think the public is as stupid as they are?

  • lol2

    Its all about making money. They deserve each other.