Jon Gosselin WAS Planning a Reality Show With Octomom

Jon Gosselin WAS Planning a Reality Show With Octomom-photo

Oh, Jon Gosselin, you can play hard-to-get all you want, but now the truth is out—you WERE contemplating going out on a date with Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, and you were even going to let people film it!

E-mails obtained by Radar Online reveal that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad's reps were in negotiations with Elevator Productions to film a show detailing a "blind date" between Gosselin and Suleman.

According to the pitch, Gosselin would go on a date with Suleman in Los Angeles. Prior to the date, a crew would film him preparing for it back east, while his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, fretted uncomfortably over the idea. After which, Gosselin would fly out to L.A., meet Suleman at her house and take her out to “a local restaurant and movie or something."

Jon's proposed fee for the project, which would have taken an estimated week or two to complete? A million dollars, plus all expenses paid!

Not a bad chunk of change, and who knows? Now that Papa Jon is a single man, maybe he can pursue the project once again.

Let us know in the comments section, and be honest now: Would you watch?



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  • Really?

    So once again Jon lied about what the truth was? Glad there are still people defending him, if we didn't have people standing up for liars and whores we might have an intelligent society.

  • jeffvond

    Whatta way to whore yourself out for money!!

  • pab

    OK, we get it....Jon and Hailey break up....he dates Suleman...Haily gets upset....adds drama...they all walk away with a chunk of cash in their pockets.....great TV, pleeezzzz.....give us a break!!!!!

  • RIley

    I dont think Jon needs TLC to make him look bad..He can do that all by himself.

  • Marc

    Radar Online is just one notch above Perez Hilton

  • Blacke

    Jon Gosselin WAS planning a reality show... until news leaked out and there was a mass suicide beucase this fat waste of space is still getting attention for some reason.

  • sydney

    O paleeeze, TLC couldnt and wouldnt waste their time to make jon look bad...he does a great job well enough himself! i would not b surprised if this was true!! he is a sleezeball! nothing would surprise me...he is desperate for media and money and would contemplate just about anything!

  • dmm

    Could anybody actually watch a show like this w/o throwing up in their mouth? Would anybody actually watch a show with these two in it, knowing that he actually made a million dollars plus expenses for a few days work? NOT I !!!! no way, no how. NO

  • enough

    I don't trust radar on line. I still don't think this story is completely legit. It is way to outrageous and even IF someone from the firm representing him e-mailed once, doesn't mean he was going to do it. I think he realizes that this is just tooo trashy. I still smell TLC trying to make Jon look bad.

  • Keith Brian Persons
    Keith Brian Persons

    They would make a great couple, they are both CRAZY!!! A million dollars would be way to much to even think about it in the long run. Wonder if it would mean that they have become a couple because with him single, Hailey has just dumped Jon for his mouth is getting in the way of that relationship. She said that he had a short temper & was very verbal to her....