Kelly Clarkson Is Working on a New Album

Kelly Clarkson Is Working on a New Album-photo

Good news, Kelly Clarkson fans; the American Idol fave is already working on her fifth studio album, and plans to release it next Fall.

In a recent radio interview, the All I Ever Wanted songbird revealed,

“We’re already working on it. [The songs] are really different. The next record is going to be really different."

As for how many Kelly Clarkson originals will be on the new collection, the singer, who will be on tour until March 2010, isn't sure yet:

“If I end up liking stuff that I’ve done then I’ll include it, but if I like other stuff better I’ll use that. Sometimes you’re just more inspired I guess, and sometimes if you have records that come out really close together it might be more other peoples' songs. Because there’s not enough time to write and sing and perform and do everything.”

Either way, it should be exciting to hear what she cooks up.

Check out video of the interview below and tell us in the comments section: What songs would you like to hear Kelly cover on her next album?



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  • Corey Groves
    Corey Groves

    I just want the whole world to know that I love Kelly Clarkson's music with all my heart and soul, and I want to spend the rest of my life listening to it because her music has been the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since she was chosen to be the first winner of American Idol back in 2002 (that was also the same year that I graduated from High School). I would be lost forever if she ever decides to stop making music because making music is what she lives for, and that was one of the reasons why I fell deeply in love with her in the first place. She is one of my most favorite female Pop music artists and songwriters in the music industry, and I'm also one of her most biggest fans who was born and raised here in the United States of America. I would guard and protect Kelly and her music from all of the other haters out there because not only that she seems like she is very friendly and down to earth, also because her music inspires me in many ways. She has an awsome singing voice that was given to her as a special gift from God, and nobody could ever take that away from her no matter what because it comes very natural for her. I also want the whole world to know that I really think that Kelly looks a lot more prettier than my wife, Ashley. I wish that I was married to her instead of Ashley so that we can journey together in heaven as husband and wife. I would also like to have 6 children with her, just like The Brady Bunch. I have all 4 of her albums, and I can't wait until she releases her new upcoming album in 2011 because I really want to buy it. I'm sure that her new upcoming album will sound as good as all of her previous albums, and I'm also sure that it will sell over a million copies here in the United States of America and worldwide because I truly believe that she has a lot of fans all over the world who really enjoys listening to her music as much as I do. I would often daydream about meeting her in person and singing a duet along with her in one of her albums because I truly believe that it is my destiny to do so. She is every woman to me that touches my heart when it comes to her music. End of story.

  • Ethan!

    maybe she will lose some weight with the new album I totally can't wait! XD And, honestly she loses weight fast when she's on tour! SO WATCH OUT, she'll look like Paris Hilton before we know it....

  • chichi

    maybe she will lose some weight with the new album

  • Danny

    Just not "If No One Will Listen" the worst song on the album, SNORE! What a waste of track on All I Ever Wanted.