Kelly Clarkson Is Working on a New Album

Good news, Kelly Clarkson fans; the American Idol fave is already working on her fifth studio album, and plans to release it next Fall.

In a recent radio interview, the All I Ever Wanted songbird revealed,

“We’re already working on it. [The songs] are really different. The next record is going to be really different.”

As for how many Kelly Clarkson originals will be on the new collection, the singer, who will be on tour until March 2010, isn’t sure yet:

“If I end up liking stuff that I’ve done then I’ll include it, but if I like other stuff better I’ll use that. Sometimes you’re just more inspired I guess, and sometimes if you have records that come out really close together it might be more other peoples’ songs. Because there’s not enough time to write and sing and perform and do everything.”

Either way, it should be exciting to hear what she cooks up.

Check out video of the interview below and tell us in the comments section: What songs would you like to hear Kelly cover on her next album?