PHOTO GALLERY: Jon Gosselin Seeks Spiritual Guidance

He's like, really sorry, guys.

And nothing screams that like seeking some spiritual guidance from a famous rabbi, right?

Well, Jon Gosselin was pictured with Michael Jackson's former religious friend Rabbi Shmuley at the West Side Jewish Center in Midtown, NYC over the weekend.

According to This World, the hosting organization, the two discussed "The Ethical Challenges and Moral Responsibility of Celebrity." Riiiight.

Check out the pictures of this courageous step forward in Jon's life (uhuh) and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



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  • dilike

    if*ckin' HaTe JoHn RiTe NoW! iAm On KaTE'sZ SiDe! ShE iS A GrEaT MoThEr AnD JoHn iS An UgLY BoLd HeaD BiTcH=P KaTe DeSeRvEs BeTtER! Uh, KATE IS THE BITCH! yea JOn went out of control, but she drove him to it. Stupid trailer trash bitch. No man is ever going to love her because they know how controlling she's going to be.

  • Just me
    Just me

    Funny how his so called spiritual guidance has to have cameras. He can't sit up straight. He looks like he has not showered in days. The world doesn't need to see him finding faith and guidance. That should be something personal between him and the Rabbi. I feel so bad for their kids.

  • Melissa Dufresne
    Melissa Dufresne

    Omg maybe the rabbi should teach him about karma.

  • Michelle

    Jon, just stop being such a jerk and spend your life with your kids before they grow up to hate you like the rest of the world. One day you will regret all of your actions but you have to do something before its too late.

  • myra


  • bbykilla

    LoOk @ HiM AcTiNg LiKe He'sZ All ThAT! JoHn LeT ME TeLL YoU SoMEThInG! U ArE NoTHInG BuT A DuMbAsS LosEr=P

  • bbykilla

    if*ckin' HaTe JoHn RiTe NoW! iAm On KaTE'sZ SiDe! ShE iS A GrEaT MoThEr AnD JoHn iS An UgLY BoLd HeaD BiTcH=P KaTe DeSeRvEs BeTtER!

  • jeffvond

    Wow! Whatta way to stop being famous, Jon. Can Jon ACTUALLY think for himself?? He always has people doing this for him. And WHY does he need his lawyer while he is getting "spiritual guidance"?

  • Angelkisses24

    This man is as low as they come, walks away from wife and 8 kids to date someone else the same nite he leaves, He needs to seek more then spiritual guidance,,,,,He needs to be ashamed of himself, I know kate could be tough but if he was a REAL man he would have handled it and worked things out but no he took the easy way, he left 8 kids wondering why did daddy leave US?,,,,,

  • Really?

    If leaving your wife with 8 kids so you can go bank skanks is celebrity, then I guess the ghetto just got a whole lot more famous.

  • sandy

    Keep your eyes peeled for a new TLC program, Jon and the Rabbi. This whole thing is a scam.