Michael Lohan Says Lindsay “Looks 100 Years Old”

With family like this, who needs enemies?

As part of his ongoing campaign to save his daughter Lindsay Lohan from herself, Michael Lohan made yet another plea through the media on Tuesday—and took a dig at his little girl’s looks while he was at it.

Lohan told the New York Post,

“I am going to go to court to get a legal conservatorship to get Lindsay into rehab and finally get her off all the prescription meds. [Wife] Dina is going to sit down with me and the lawyers and make things right for Lindsay. She is taking Adderol, Xanax, Paxil. She’s a beautiful girl but she looks 100 years old.“ 

Ouch! It should be noted that Linds is, in fact, 23 years old. But by any measure, she’s packed a lot of living into her short, whirlwind life.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Michael will be able to shame his daughter into getting help? More importantly, should he?