Are Rihanna and Mariah Carey Enemies?

Is there some beef between Mariah Carey and Rihanna?

That’s the word on the street! Apparently, the divas refused to talk or be photographed together at a Halloween bash this past weekend that Carey held at M2 Ultralounge.

A source told the NY Post that Rihanna, “dressed as a tiger with a tail so long a security guard had to hold it up,” and sat at a booth with three female friends and rapper Ne-Yo in a booth. The entire time, she never made an effort to go into Mariah’s VIP booth to thank or say hello to the host!

A spy said,

“It was Mariah’s party, but Rihanna didn’t want to be seen with her. And Mariah was not going over to greet Rihanna. Mariah needed six guards to clear a path to the bathroom so her wings wouldn’t be dislodged.”

Carey’s rep is denying that the two have any bad blood, insisting that there’s nothing to the story.

“There were 1,000 people there and, of course, she needed security. She heard a rumor that Rihanna was there but she never saw her. She loves Rihanna and of course would have said hello.”

Rihanna’s rep had no comment.

What do you think happened?