Carrie Prejean’s Lawsuit Stymied by Sex Tape

Nothing like the emergence of a sex tape to make someone rethink their priorities.

TMZ reports that former Miss California Carrie Prejean—who was suing the Miss California USA pageant organizers for slander, libel and “religious discrimination” after being relieved of her crown—has decided to settle the suit, after a lawyer for the pageant showed her a homemade XXX tape featuring none other than herself.

Prejean had initially been seeking more than $1,000,000 in the lawsuit, but decided to settle for $100,000—which will go directly to her lawyers and publicist, leaving her with a big fat zero from the suit.

The disgraced beauty queen was relieved of her duties as Miss California in June, for allegedly breaching her contractual duties.

On the plus side, perhaps she has a lucrative future in the world of adult film in front of her.