VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Charms In Tokyo

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Charms In Tokyo-photo

What's better than seeing Rob Pattinson all dressed up in a suit?

Hearing that super-charming accent of his!

RPattz showed up to a press conference in Tokyo, and although we don't understand the language, we definitely can interpret those screaming fans!

Rob told the crowd of adoring fans,

"Thank you all so much for coming. It's always really surprising, whenever we go anywhere in the world, there seems to be so many people everywhere who are just as passionate...It's always just amazing to find that out."

Check out the video below:



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  • sydsouth

    * that was pretty funny, translation probably was necessary though!!*

  • lizbizz11

    The second video is funny. If you go down to the bottom there is a second video of him like cracking jokes about the silver volvo in the movie. Its funny. The transaltor was cracking me up just because it so weird.

  • obsessed

    AMAZING TO HEAR HIS VOICE!! can't believe she need to translate..

  • katia

    has he left Tokyo yet? hes been there for days now. I THINK SO. ROB LOOK GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS


    has he left Tokyo yet? hes been there for days now.