Eclipse’s Julia Jones Says R-Pattz Is “An Absolute Pleasure”

Julia Jones has confirmed what many of us probably already suspected: That working in close proximity to Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is a delightful experience.

Jones—who plays Leah Clearwater in the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse—recently sat down with LimeLife to talk about the experience of filming the just-wrapped vampire flick. And she had some very kind words to say about the man who plays Edward Cullen:

“Oh, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s great. He’s thoughtful and he’s generous and he’s laid-back. He’s got all the qualities that you’d look for in somebody you’d be working with.”

Jones adds that co-star Kristen Stewart isn’t too shabby herself:

“I have a lot of respect for [Kristen] because she’s just sort of got this balance of being cool and doing her own thing, and then also being very professional and really pushing herself in front of the camera. It’s a hard talent to have, especially as a young actor. I was really impressed with her.”

You and us both, Julia.