Jon Gosselin Is Blowing Off His Kids on Thanksgiving for Hailey

Well, there’s one turkey that won’t be served at the Gosselin home on Thanksgiving.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, reveal that, even though they’ve decided to take it slow with their relationship, they’ll be spending Thanksgiving together—at Hailey’s parents’ house.

Says Glassman,

“My family and I would never let him eat Thanksgiving dinner alone in an apartment. He’s coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I don’t care.”

Of course, there’s already some drama involved with the gathering; when Gosselin confirmed that Thanksgiving with the Glassmans was “on my schedule,” the party girl shot back:

“On your schedule? What do you mean, ‘On my schedule?’ Let’s see, Kate has the kids, and she’s having a nice huge meal with [bodyguard] Steve [Nield] and his family. Uh, let’s see, should I go to Hailey’s or should I sit in my apartment all alone?”

Jon tried to defuse the situation, correcting himself:

“Sorry, I used the wrong term. I plan on going—I made a promise to her family I would go to her house.”

To which Hailey replied:

“Made a promise? You’re not doing my family any favors!” 

Oh, to be a fly on the Glassmans’ wall this Thanksgiving. Of course, they’ll probably tape the whole thing for a TV special….