Josh Duhamel’s Alleged Mistress Says He Enjoyed Wake-up Sex

Brace yourselves; you’re about to read more than you probably ever wanted to know about Josh Duhamel’s sexual habits.

The lawyer for Nicole Forrester, the Atlanta stripper who claims that Duhamel fooled around with her behind his wife Fergie’s back, tells Us Magazine that the two watched a porn flick together and had sex, after which the two fell asleep, but a seemingly insatiable Duhamel “kept waking her up to have more sex.”

The attorney, Romin Alavi, further maintains that Duhamel didn’t pay Forrester for the sex, but he did lay a $100 bill on her the morning after for cab fare.

What a gent!

Forrester, 34, claims that the two “had lots of sex” at Duhamel’s hotel room at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta after he dropped in at the Tattletale strip club, where she is employed. (Duhamel is currently in Atlanta filming the comedy Life As We Know It.)

Duhamel has adamantly denied Forrester’s claims, and according to a source that’s good enough for his wife, Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson:

“Josh told her it didn’t happen, and she believes him.”

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