PHOTO GALLERY: Britney Goes Braless

Uh-oh; looks like Britney Spears forgot to pack a bra before leaving for her Australian tour!

The "Womanizer" warbler was spotted on Thursday leaving her hotel in Perth en route to a dress rehearsal. Good thing, too, because it looks like she really could use more practice at this dressing thing.

Click through our photo gallery to see more of Britney Spears braless. And need we remind you about our zoom photo feature?



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  • Likesnipples

    Yay Britney!! Will nipples finally come back into fashion?

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  • joe

    if she doesnt wnna wear a bra she doesnt have to. she isnt doing anything illegal. geezz u guys need to stop picking on her.she is human as everyone but well known and with more money. u guys dont have to be jealous

  • WAnna Hump Britney
    WAnna Hump Britney

    I don't care...she's hot, and I'd do her till those boobs fell off.

  • jess

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