Britney Spears Targeted by Australian Government Over Lip-Synching

Read our lips, Britney Spears; the Australian government has a message for you.

People magazine reports that Virginia Judge, the Minister for Fair Trading in New South Wales, Australia, wants to alert concertgoers that some portions of Brit-Brit’s upcoming Australian concerts may be prerecorded and lip-synched. 

Says Judge,

“It is Britney’s ‘prerogative’ to lip-sync, and it is my job to make sure consumers know what they are paying for up front.”

Opining that concertgoers would not tolerate a “Mickey Mouse performance,” Judge added,

“Let’s be clear—live means live. If you are spending up to 200 dollars [$182 U.S.] I think you deserve better than a film clip.”

Judge is considering slapping a disclaimer on promotional materials and tickets—which actually reach up into the $1,300 range—letting consumers know that some portions of the performances might be prerecorded.

Which may be a moot point, given that many of the concerts on the Australian leg of Spears’ Circus tour have already sold out.

Let us know in the comments section: Does it bother you when musicians lip-synch their material in concert?