VIDEO: Kris Allen “Live Like We’re Dying” Music Video Premiere

With so much Adam Lambert news in the last couple months, we’ve been dying to hear what American Idol winner Kris Allen has been working on!

Today, Kris debuted the music video for “Live Like We’re Dying,” the first single off his debut album.

Popeater caught up with the Idol stud to talk about the making of his first music video ever.

On the concept for ‘Live Like We’re Dying.’

It was cool because we actually shot it in the desert in L.A. in the middle of nowhere in this junkyard and we had this set, it was this huge digital clock which was really cool and it was kind of raggedy looking and we shot it from 8PM to 8AM in the morning. That was crazy, with no breaks at all. The video is really cool … It looks great. The idea behind it is that I plug in the clock and I’m pulling the big cord through the junkyard and through all these other things and then I plug in the clock and it starts counting down to zero and there’s performance stuff in there. I’m playing the guitar and playing the piano and singing, too. In the end when it hits zero, it’s kind of like the song, it’s like we only have so much time so we gotta do what we want to do.

How much input did he have with the whole production?

We had people submit stuff first and it was a little frustrating because I felt like people weren’t getting it … and then we were like “what if it was something like this?” and then another person came back with a great idea that with this idea it kind of intertwined with ours as well.

Did he have fun?

I did. I tried. It was so crazy because I was up all day the day before and I was trying to keep up and awake … And then it was like singing in your loudest tones, it was ridiculous. So I tried to have a great time and I really did, it was a lot of fun. It was my first video, so I was really trying to have a great time.

What do you think about his debut video?

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