Chris Brown To Rihanna: Assault Was A “Private Matter”

Chris Brown isn’t so happy that Rihanna is telling the world the most intimate details of the fateful night back in February when he attacked her.

Brown has apologized several times in the past few months about what he did, but never had addressed or detailed the attack in the honest manner that Rihanna did in her 20/20 interview last night.

Now, in a statement to MTV News, he said,

“While I respect Rihanna’s right to discuss the specific events of February 8. I maintain my position that all of the details should remain a private matter between us. I do appreciate her support and wish her the best. I am extremely sorry for what I did, and I accept accountability for my actions. At this point, I am taking the proper steps to learn about me and grow from my mistakes. I only hope that others in similar situations can learn from our experience as well. Abuse of any kind is always wrong. The rest I leave it to God.”

What do you think about Chris’ position?