Kristen Stewart Says Taylor Lautner Is All Grown Up Now

Taylor Lautner didn’t just gain about 30 pounds of muscle in the process of preparing for the Twilight sequel New Moon. According to his co-star Kristen Stewart, the 17-year-old also made some gains in the maturity department.

People magazine reports that, during last Friday’s New Moon press conference in Beverly Hills, Stewart marveled at Lautner’s growth process while filming New Moon, in which Lautner’s Jacob Black character comes to the forefront.

According to Stewart,

“He’s literally become a different person. He’s just grown up…He’s so confident and the nicest guy that I’ve ever met. I know that I’m using this grammatically incorrect but he’s the funnest guy I’ve ever hung out with. So he’s great. I’m so proud of him.”

As far as Lautner’s physical growth goes, the actor notes that  the workouts were a breeze compared to having constantly shove food down his throat:

“Everybody thinks it was the actual getting in the gym, that was easy. But, the eating was pretty hard … Putting something in your mouth every two hours. And I’m busy. I’m downtown L.A. going from meeting to meeting, so there’s not time for me to be eating. I literally would have to carry a little baggie full of beef patties, raw almonds, sweet potatoes, so it’s not like every two hours I’m eating ice cream.”