Report: Michael Lohan Wanted Big Bucks for Leaked Phone Calls

Hey, you know how Michael Lohan said he had leaked embarrassing private phone calls from his daughter Lindsay Lohan and ex-wife Dina Lohan purely out of concern for Lindsay’s well-being?

Yeah, well maybe not so much.

The New York Post reports that Michael had initially shopped the tapes around to TV networks for a not-so-cool $100,000, but was turned down. According to a source,

“Michael initially asked for a large fee—six figures—for the tapes of Lindsay and Dina, but he didn’t get any takers. Radar Online also refused to pay for the tapes, so in the end he agreed to a deal to release the recordings for no fee, but giving him the exposure he needs with a paid interview.”


For the record, Papa Lo says that it’s “a complete lie” that he tried to hawk the phone calls. As for the paid interview, he hedges, “That’s in the hands of my lawyers. They deal with that.”

Vows Lohan,

“This isn’t about money or getting paid, it’s about saving my daughter…I have more recordings which will further back up what I have said so far. I will release them. I will not stop until Lindsay goes to rehab.”

That much seems to be true, anyway; on Monday Radar Online published yet another phone call, this one from Lindsay’s assistant, Jenni Muro, who tells Michael on the tape that she’s trying to make sure “your daughter doesn’t kill herself.”

Of course, LiLo might just die of embarrassment by the time this whole thing is over.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you buy Michael Lohan’s claims of being motivated by concern, not cash?