Adam Lambert Has His Eye on Acting

Adam Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment hasn’t even hit record stores yet—that’d be on November 23—but the American Idol fave is already considering branching out into a big-screen career.

In a recent interview, Glambo says that he wouldn’t mind at all if someone were to offer him a starring role in a movie:

“I hope acting’s in my future, yeah. It is something that I’ve done a lot over the past eight or 10 years. If the opportunity came up and it was the right thing, I would love to be a part of a film. Right now, I am going to try to work on the album first. One thing at a time, right!”

Nothing wrong with ambition, Adam, but before you make the leap to the big screen you should really consider some of your American Idol predecessors’ iffy cinematic efforts.

Let us know in the comments section: What sort of movie do you think Adam Lambert would be best suited for?