Holly Madison Trashes the New Girls Next Door

Holly Madison Trashes the New Girls Next Door-photo

Who knew a bunny could be so catty?

In an interview with Fox News, former Girls Next Door girl Holly Madison takes a few shots at her replacements, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris.

While she was happy to hang out with Hef and the gals when they came out to see her burlesque revue Peepshow, Madison reveals,

"I don't watch the other episodes though, because it kind of makes me mad. The girls need to focus on what makes them unique and not doing the same things Bridget, Kendra and I have already done on the show. Even camping in the backyard was an idea I had for an episode that we never got around to shooting.  And guess what they just showed? The girls camping in the backyard. I don't want to look behind, I want to look forward.” 

Oomph! Take that, ladies!

Could a catfight of epic proportions be in the making? Let's hope so...

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think the new Girls Next Door match up to the originals?



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  • ..s

    Am I the only one who notices that Crystal says cool after a ton of things just like Holly did? What a poser.

  • love the original
    love the original

    The new show sucks, and I don't care what you say about Holly, but she has more talent for such shows and more brain in her head that twins and crystal could ever dream of.

  • silvibme

    people these shows 2 seriously its 4 entertainment i dont think holly was trashing them she was just making a statment that they need 2 find their own personanilty and not try 2 be someone their not and if you dont like this type of shows why are u watching them relly.



  • Helinski

    I don't like these girls and I didn't like the original girls either. Holly, Bridget, Kendra, Crystal, Kristina and Karissa are a bunch of WHORES. I wish their stupid show would go off the air and I wish "Hef" would finally grow up and see himself for what he truly is; a pathetic old man who doesn't know when to quit. Really, what makes his "girlfriends" any different from prostitutes??

  • JeffS

    I enjoyed watching the GND with Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. They were different in many ways. But yet complimented each other on the show. The each had depth to their personalities on the show. So far I have not seen the same from the current girls on the show. The current girls don't seem real or believable. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Brianna

    stop the hating on holly people! she is gorgeous inside and out and those new girls are completely FAKE, UNORIGINAL, TRASHY and will never come anywhere remotely close to comparing to the old girls! hef you LOST

  • Dana

    I hate the new girls. The twins are certainly not upto par in the looks department with any of Hef's former girlfriends, and are just seem like cheap knockoffs of the original girls. They try to act just like them, but in a sluttier, more skankier way. Two thumbs down, ladies. I won't be watching the show anymore.

  • guest

    I have watched a few episodes. I think Crystal seems like a relatively nice person, if not terribly interesting at this point. The twins... well, I've been watching to see if they evolve beyond being caricatures, but that hasn't happened yet. The twins are really dull and it seems like they are trying way too hard.


    I would like to ask the guys out there for the honest opinion. Knowing a girls breast is filled with plastic inside them is that really still a turn on for you? Being a girl I know if I knew a guys penis was filled with plastic it wouldn't turn me on. My mother told me that I should never think of doing such a thing that it mask if you have breast cancer because the plastic device is always floating around in your breast.

  • Guest

    Holly trashes the new girls. That is funny because Holly is TRASH.

  • Carissa

    haha thanks, nena! I've only watched a few episodes just to see how it is without the old girls. But I try to only watch reruns and bits of it so it won't get as many ratings/viewers!!

  • nena012009

    The new Girls Next Door claim they are not trying to be the originals, but they definitely are! They are trying way too hard, and you can especially tell that Crystal is so jealous of Holly's past relationship with Hef! I support Holly, Bridget, and Kendra 100%! I so agree with you....i love the old girls...the new ones are to fake....

  • Buick

    The new girls are bad reruns of Holly,Brdieget and Kendra. These new girls are cheap, young, and are not sincere.They repeat Holly and them. Same activites. Hef looks like a fool. He looked foolish with Holly,Brdget,and Kendra,but he looks like a foolish,silly,old goat with these girls. He should have quit while he was ahead.

  • What a shame
    What a shame

    I am fascinated by the whole thing how Holly is becoming a role model. Why would anyone choose to go to college, study hard, work hard when so many women like Madison, and countless other reality stars and porn stars are making millions by screwing their way to riches instead of working their way there.

  • dez09

    I think that the Old GND is way better. I like Crystal but the twins are way to air headed and annoying. I wish that the old girls were back but we all new that it was not going to last for ever.

  • Ex Holly Fan
    Ex Holly Fan

    Holly is so damn jealous. She made a big mistake leaving the old grandpa. Holly is nothing without him.

  • laura

    the new girls are lame the twins make me want to vomit could they be any ulgier??!!!! crystal is pretty and sweet but they are no match for holly kendra and bridget

  • Jake

    Holly you need to get back with Hef. You looked so beautiful and so in love when you were with him. I am sorry to say that since you left Hefner your looks went downhill. I still love you.

  • sisiiiii↨

    shes so right!!!!!!!!! i hate em tooo bridget kendra n holly were the beeeeeeest :-*

  • Kevin

    The thought of being with Holly Madison who is all plastic can turn me gay.

  • Guy

    I think Holly should get back with Heffner. I can't see anybody wanting to date Holly knowing she was licking Hef's balls for years. I kmow I wouldn't touch this chick knowing where she has been.

  • loveandstress

    Holly Kendra and Bridget will always be better than them twins they are annoying and not even cute.... NEW GROUP... word to them dont be so dingy

  • maguma


  • Vegas Girl
    Vegas Girl

    Did the new girls do anything as special and talented as bimbo Holly and also make a mold of their vagina for the old goat. That is where Holly Bimbo talent lies. Holly is a floozie.

  • k

    i hate the new girls, it's just all hahahaha when there is nothing to laugh at. holly, bridget, kendra where the best and those 3 were so diff and had diff things for the show, these new girls all act the same.

  • WTF

    What is with all that heavy make up on this chick. I don't know who this chick is but wow she is full of make up you can cut it off with a knife.

  • Sal

    I saw Peepshow last week. I was surprised how much Holly Madison sucked. The girl has no talent whatsoever. I didn't even find her sexy. I bet she is a losy lay. Her boobs in person and upclose was a turn off. You can tell how fake they are.

  • Jess

    Damn Holly needs to go back to the mansion and get her plastic surgery topped back up she is looking nasty these days I like the NGND, although outta the girls Crystal is the only nice one. The twins are very annoying and I really don't see the show lasting with the group dynamic they currently have going on. ♥

  • errikkaa. :)
    errikkaa. :)

    i don't like the new girls next door very much. they seem like cheap knockoffs off of holly, bridget, and kendra. plus, they're not funny and outgoing... especially not the twins. they're just flat out boring. i hate it how they copy the original girls next door and how they act like them. it just bugs me.

  • Carissa

    The new Girls Next Door claim they are not trying to be the originals, but they definitely are! They are trying way too hard, and you can especially tell that Crystal is so jealous of Holly's past relationship with Hef! I support Holly, Bridget, and Kendra 100%!

  • vpopadiuc87

    i love the original girls ! :-)

  • Brenden

    Are those breast or the shell from a cataloupe? To me a real women breast is not perfect looking in size. Oh wait hers are not real. It is filled with plastic. Not my kind of girl. I like mine real. I don't get into feeling plastic ballons.

  • Dana

    Holly is trash. i think she is getting it on with the Mayor of Vegas. You know how she loves to do a Grandpa.

  • lizbizz11

    Everyone knew that they were going to fight. Come on new girlfriends and ex-girlfriends of Hugh Hefner don't hang out together.