VIDEO: Carrie Prejean Claims Conspiracy in Sex-Tape Flap

Poor Carrie Prejean; the whole world is out to get her. At least in her eyes.

The former Miss California—who was stripped of her crown in June for failing to meet her contractual obligations—dropped her ensuing lawsuit against the Miss USA Organization last week after, it was reported at the time, the organizers showed her a solo sex tape of herself that they had unearthed.

On Tuesday, the disgraced beauty queen appeared on the Today show to tell Meredith Vieira that a) yes, the sex tape does exist and b) the fact that the tape found the light of day is the result of a widespread conspiracy against her.

Explaining that she made the tape by herself to send to her boyfriend at the time, Prejean declared,

“The main point is that there has been a campaign against me to try to silence me for the past seven months for what I said at the pageant.” (Prejean caused controversy by taking a stance against gay marriage at this year’s Miss USA competition.) They tried to embarrass me. They tried to humiliate me. They tried to attack me. And I’m still standing.”

Coincidentally, Still Standing is the title of her new book, which she was also on the Today show to promote.

Does this gal know how to work her persecution complex or what? 

Check out the video and let us know in the comment section: Do you think that Prejean’s sex-tape scandal has been good or bad for her career?