Angelina Jolie and Her Father Have Settled Their Differences

Despite her sometimes cutting demeanor, Angelina Jolie is apparently the forgiving sort. It just takes her a while to do the forgiving.

Jolie’s father Jon Voight tells Us Magazine that, after a 7-year period of estrangement, he and his daughter are on friendly terms again.

The Salt actress broke off contact after Voight appeared on Access Hollywood in 2001 and begged his daughter over the air to seek help for her “serious mental problems.”

But Voight, 70, says that all was forgiven in February, when Jolie “made the initial contact” and the two “met face-to-face” to set aside their differences.

Since then, the Deliverance actor notes,

“We’re in touch, but not regularly. We love each other and that’s the most important thing.”

Voight adds that Angelina’s significant other, Brad Pitt, has been “supportive—a key factor in her reaching out.”

Sniff; that’s sweet. Any chance that a certain other show-biz family might take a cue from their example?