Lady GaGa Showes Her Flare

Lady GaGa is single-handedly conquering the realm of exaggerated, haute-couture concoctions one outlet at a time. Whether you love or hate her, everyone has an opinion, and the world can’t seem to take their eyes off of her. In addition to her tantalizing feature in American Vogue this December, GaGa will also be gracing the cover of Canada’s Flare magazine in true “Lady” fashion.

The anomalous pop sensation dons an intricately chic white halter with outrageous fuschia fringe and one sparkler of a headpiece. Perfectly peculiar.

Flare’s Web site offers a little taste of the editorial-to-come in which GaGa reveals how fashion has saved her life. Ever since she was  Little GaGa, she recalls finding inspiration from watching her mother drape herself in such couture collections as Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Through the years, she morphed in and out of various images until she landed upon what we know now as her “Donatella Versace-meets-Liberace” look that she rocks unlike any other.

What’s next, a clothing line of her own? The diva didn’t deny the possibility.

You gotta admit, she never ceases to amaze!

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