Nicole Forrester Apologizes to Fergie for Having Sex With Josh Duhamel

Talk about a stripper with a heart of gold.

Nicole Forrester—the Atlanta peeler who claims to have slept with Transformers actor Josh Duhamel—has taken to Extra to apologize to Duhamel’s wife, Black Eyed Peas songstress Fergie, for the sordid little encounter.

Says Forrester,

“I thought, ‘Nobody’s gonna find out. It’s not gonna hurt anybody.’ I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of it at the time like I think of it now.”

Wow; how gracious!

But Forrester—who claims to have hooked up with Duhamel while he was in Atlanta to film Life As We Know It—figures that she’s a victim in this whole thing too:

“My son, he went to a football game last Saturday and he was like, ‘Mom, you’re disgusting. I didn’t know you had sex with him.'”

And naturally, she’s not too thrilled that some people have branded her a home-wrecker:

“[Fergie’s] standing by her man, so obviously I’m not wrecking the home too bad, huh?”

Forrester also takes time out during her supposed apology to critique Duhamel’s lovemaking skills, offering,

“As far as the best sex? No, I don’t think that was it.”

Something tells us this is the voice of experience speaking.

Forrester’s full interview with Extra airs tonight.