Daniel Radcliffe Denies Pot Charges

Daniel Radcliffe Denies Pot Charges-photo

Daniel Radcliffe would like the world to know: he is not a sorcerer's stoner.

A rep for the Harry Potter star tells People magazine that reports of Radcliffe's ganja-smoking ways in the British press are highly exaggerated.

The rumor mill kicked into high gear after British newspaper the Daily Mirror published a pic of a seemingly bleary-eyed Radcliffe, sporting a painted-on mustache and puffing on what the paper characterizes as "a spliff."

But according to Radcliffe's rep,

"We categorically deny the allegations regarding Daniel Radcliffe published in today's Daily Mirror. Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this. We are considering our position and will be taking all necessary action in relation to such allegations."

Whew; good to know! Because the demon weed has already done enough damage to the Harry Potter cast.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you buy the denial? And does it even really matter?



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  • frejamacarons

    it would certainly explain why he looks like a pot head, and why his face is so sunken in like a heroin addict.

  • Ana

    Coming from a tabloid like The Daily Mirror, I don't believe a thing. Besides I don't think Daniel would do that.

  • lady_ash

    i believe u 100 percent

  • Hpfan

    Don't worry sexy Dan! Your fans believe you! :D

  • gothichick

    i doubt it, poor guy

  • annepattinson

    Gosh I don´t think he actually was high! Such a lie! legal or not he´s not in any right to do such thing to his body, I forbidden him! Besides I don´t think he will let something like that ruin his reputation.... he would lose all his charm!!! I love dan!!!

  • Janeybell

    Oh jeez! leave Dan Rad alone. He's so cute! Just because it looks like pot doesn't mean it's pot. He could've been tipsy and that's legal in England.

  • me

    I believe Dan!! And if he was high...then it's his business. He wasn't doing it in public. He was in a private setting. The British media needs to shut it!