Johnny Depp Will Bail Nicolas Cage Out

If you ever need a loan, Johnny Depp might not be a bad person to hit up.

The Daily Express reports that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is reaching out big-time to fellow actor Nicolas Cage, who’s in serious financial trouble thanks to a multimillion-dollar tax bill.

Apparently, Depp feels indebted to Cage, who put him in contact with his agent, which led to Depp’s first film role in A Nightmare on Elm Street. And now the Sweeney Todd actor is willing to do “whatever it takes” to return the favor.

A friend of the actor’s reveals,

“Johnny called Nic and basically told him not to worry and he’d help him and sort everything out. Johnny feels he owes his career to Nic and now wants to repay him—if Nic agrees…Johnny has never forgotten what Nic did for him.”

Of course, with the amount of money that Depp is pulling in these days, he could probably find whatever Cage will need between his couch cushions, but still, you have to admit—it’s a pretty nice gesture.