Michael Lohan: Facing Prison for Tape Leaks?

Michael Lohan could find himself in a very familiar place soon: behind bars.

TMZ reports that Lohan’s ex-wife, Dina Lohan, is pursuing legal action against MiLo with the Nassau County District Attorney, in relation to the series of embarrassing family phone conversations that Lohan has been leaking to the media lately.

It seems that the protective order that Dina had obtained against her ex in 2005—and which is effective until 2011—forbids Papa Lo from communicating with Dina via e-mail or phone.

And since one of the taped conversations between Michael and Dina occurred in 2008, it’s quite possible that Michael could be found in violation of the order.

Hopefully, if Papa Lo does end up getting hauled in, he’ll use his one free phone call wisely, but we doubt it; using phone calls wisely doesn’t seem to be his style…