Scream 4: New Details

Writer Kevin Williamson is spilling some secrets about the upcoming, crazily anticipated sequel Scream 4 to the New York Post, and if you’re a fan of the horror series, you may want to take notes.

First off: Neve Campbell may regret her decision to re-up for the recently resuscitated series, because Williamson hints that, contrary to prior assertions, Sidney Prescott’s days may be numbered.

Questioned as to whether Sidney would survive the upcoming installment, Williamson hedged,

“The thing about Scream 4 is that there are a lot of twists and turns, so I can’t promise anything. There are a lot of moving pieces, so we’ll see—but if you’re a Scream fan, I think you’re really going to like it.”

Williamson also reveals that, thanks to the changing landscape of the horror genre since Scream 3 came out in 2000, there will be a lot more influences incorporated into the story:

“I’ve [included] manga comics, Asian ghost girl movies, there’s some PG-13 horror movies in there, vampire movies, M. Night Shyamalan movies and torture porn movies, even though they’ve come and gone.”

According to the writer, they’re also taking pains to prevent the movie from being too overtly jokey, as he notes: 

“You have to be careful because Scary Movie spoofed these films, so one of the things I’m excited about with Scream 4 is that, while we do lampoon and send up the genre, [we] make it incredibly scary. That’s first and foremost.”

Scream 4 is scheduled to hit the big screen next year. Let us know in the comments section: Are you eager to see what they cooked up?