Timbaland: "Miley Cyrus Is The Next Justin Timberlake"



Super producer Timbaland is set to release his highly anticipated album Shock Value II on December 8th, which includes tons of guest appearances by singers like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and teen queen Miley Cyrus.

And Timbaland has nothing but kindness for the controversial 16-year-old Disney Star. He tells EW that she's on her way to becoming an even bigger star.

He said,

"Man, she’s gonna be like Justin [Timberlake]. She comes from that same musical background, where she’s just got it. Her voice is just there. The best way to put it is she’s special. When I worked with her, I was very impressed. I was like, ‘Whoa.’”

Readers, what do you think: Is Miley Cyrus on the same level as J.T?



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  • T.

    Look , it's not about fame , it's about talent , voice , real musica , not songs for little girls . Look , it's true , Miley got the voice , but she stills very young , with the time maybe she can be where justin is. Ecerybody knows about his talent , and maybe onde day everybody will agreed that miley also got it. Just my opnion

  • lucy

    This girl is far from the next Justin Timberlake, at least talent wise. She has yet to prove that she has a voice for anything more than heavily autotuned, mainstream pop. The next Britney Spears maybe, but that's hardly a compliment. Britney's known for her star power, not her singing ability, which both she and Miley are severely lacking in. But since it has worked out so well for Britney, I suppose it could work for Miley too. Just know that you don't need talent to be popular. But while we're on the subject of popularity, I don't think being a hit among the 13 and under crowd really counts. That's the easiest group on the planet to sway. One minute it's her, the next it's some other Disney/Nick/Twilight star, then it's back to her again. When her appeal reaches beyond every middle school girl in the country and their moms, then we can talk.

  • yyc

    who care if she is as talented as jt is .shes has an annoying voice and thts all i know

  • esther

    i like miley very much shes a star ,africa knows that

  • dea

    She is the best girl in the whole world she really is a teen queen. She is NOT fameous because of her dad she even said that in her Book MILES TO GO. But whatever that is just a way the haters use it to share they'r hate for miley with us but that cant ever happen because SHE IS THE BEST

  • Really?

    The next Justin TImberlake? More like the next Britney Spears. She's country, 16, and dances with poles in front of her millions of fans which mainly stem from her Disney background so she's influencing tons of young girls. Just look at her little sister. Not even 12 and already wearing next to nothing on Halloween. Perhaps the next Jamie Lynn? At least, unlike Britney, Miley does have a genuinely decent voice.

  • Lauren Madison
    Lauren Madison

    She's almost 17 and she's starting her career. Give her time to show us the real talent she has. She's said that the music she has been singing isn't her style and she has been writing a lot for her next album. It doesn't matter if you like her, or not, she's going to be big for years to come. She's already proven that. She's not just "big" because of her dad. He did help her along the way and raise her around a musical family but she had to have talent to get where she is. Ali Lohan released a single and it wasn't a hit. Just because you family is famous doesn't mean that people are going to like you. Her family didn't buy millions of her records - fans did. P.S.-I'm sure your parents didn't raise you all to name call. It's not classy or intelligent.

  • simca

    hell no there is no way in hell she is next justin timberlake her music sucks like sh*t and if any of disagree with me u can suck my ass no i wont agree with you and no i wont suck your as so deal with it ***hole

  • STFU

    The Olsen twins started all the marketing to the demographic that MiHoley and her team are imitating now. They were the first billionaires but of course her moron fans are too young to know that or too far up MiHoley's a**.

  • STFU

    This stupid b*tch is not innovative like Madonna etc., but simply popular. At leaste Timberland worked his way up. Whatever you dumb b*tches say, her Dad helped her into the business.

  • anonymous

    hell no there is no way in hell she is next justin timberlake her music sucks like sh*t and if any of disagree with me u can suck my ass

  • sicknessofbeats

    I really really want to hear that song ! Can't wait ! TOTALLY!

  • Sketch

    Hahaha. Some people on are just plain moronic. Same level as JT. Ha. You have got to be kidding me. JT is constantly compared to greats like Usher and MJ not flipping Miley Cyrus. Wtf. Get ur ears checked people!

  • Imara

    That is a HUGE compliment coming of Timberland. Other than the controversy which seems inevitable anyways, Miley is super sucessful so I wouldn't be shocked if she became the next Cher or Madonna.

  • MaganRyah

    I agree its obvious Miley sees the wrongs that both Lindsay and Britney made so she will have a birds eye view on that. She will go the opposite direction. Its proven that when you have low expectations of someone, even the most mediocre thing they do will seem like a huge accomplishment. Miley will without a doubt me huge both in Music and in Film, and most likely every other department she dabbles in.

  • seriously

    isn't she on slate to be the 1st teenage billionaire? Surely some of that is due to talent!

  • Miora

    Eventually she will be as huge and as successful she may even surpass his success in a few years.

  • miley

    "dreamer" your comments are such an understatement. lol "she's got a lot of fans". Do you know who Miley is? She does not have 'a lot of fans'. She has millions of fans all over the world. And IMO she's already bigger than justin timberlake. Nobody even knows who he is anymore : / i rarely hear about him.

  • dreamer

    She's not famous because of her dad. And maybe she's not your favorite singer, but she's got a lot of fans and it doesn't mean she'll never be or she's not yet as big as JT. Why people just can't admit she have talent ? I think haters who say bad stuff on the web are just jalous. But that's my opinion.

  • Lisa

    She's on the same level as j.t.? Hell no! I don't like her! She's annoying and I don't like her voice! The only song that I like from her is "Fly on the Wall" ! Yes sure,shes popular, but just because of her dad! Sorry,thats just my opinion!

  • miley

    i thought she was already past the JT level? isn't she more famous than JT?

  • sydsouth

    * what the hell is going in in the wrld today!? jk. in my opinion Miley can blow--big voice, big name, so...this could be a great song not to mention Timbaland also..* =}

  • mill

    I really really want to hear that song ! Can't wait !