Kendra Wilkinson Gets Her Snuggie On!

Aww. We’ve definitely been missing Kendra Wilkinson these days and this new picture from the super-pregnant reality TV star makes us so happy!

The celeb is currently living in Indianapolis with hubby Hank Baskett and preparing for the birth of their first child.

Today, she wrote on her blog,

“Hi everyone! Hank came back from the store yesterday and surprised me with the best present ever….A SNUGGIE!!!!!!!!!!  I see the commercials all the time and I always want one…it’s so exciting that I have my own now.  I think I’m just going to live in this for the next month until lil Hank is born lolol. 

I can’t wait to wear my snuggie when the baby comes so we’re both warm!!! haha”

We can’t wait to see little Hank Jr!