Nick Jonas Solo Project: New Single Cover and Preview!

Nick Jonas Solo Project: New Single Cover and Preview!-photo

Yes, it's for real, people; Nick Jonas' side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration, is beginning to come together.

Check out the cover for the Administration's debut single, "Who I Am," along with a preview of the track, which has a rumored release date of December 3.

Any thoughts on this bold new venture of Nick's? Share your opinions in the comments section!



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  • gogo

    love it

  • Jonasfan4eva

    This cover art seems more fitting. Ur the gay one, whoever posted that Nick Jonas is gay.

  • Ju4n 8
    Ju4n 8

    Is asome, i think that, if you Nick had the really talent, explote it, i wish that you new proyect will be amazing, and the people enjoy it, because I enjoy too

  • germanxxannie

    a litlle to poppy if you ask me... but who cares?! yaaayy! thought it's gonna take centuries till he really does this whole solo thing. can't wait !!!

  • Asrar

    that seems very nice but what his brothers gonna say 2 him ?

  • ;D

    NICK JONAS is not gay at all.. Its stupid when people say he is and the don't even know him.. anyways I myself can't wait till it comes out.. I love the album cover, its amazing!!! Yes i am a Jonas Brother fan.

  • Sydney

    This is going to be an amazing album! The clip of the song sort of has a small John Mayer feel to it, which is really cool. I'm excited to hear what Nick's true sound is like. =)

  • TT

    omg i totally can't wait till the whole single come out and the whole album.. i like the song so far, nick is so damn talented. :) i LOVE him. you go nick! and i support you and your album! WHOOOO!

  • carla

    ohhh so cute

  • Katyrina

    I think it is a good thing that Nick is doing this single because it shows you that he's trying to see were his life is going. But he still loves his brothers so he's not going to leave them.

  • Capri

    I CANNOT WAIT!! This looks SOOOO good! :)

  • me

    the name sounds so alike to Selena Gomez & The Scene. Even the band logo!

  • kabyee

    Love this song preview. Can't wait for the entire song. And I think he looks great in the cover.

  • itsmemarke

    i seem to recall a jackie chan movie of the same name...

  • noah

    This cover art seems more fitting.