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  • Tyson Jackson
    Tyson Jackson

    You idiots are so f-n retarded. If it weren't for his orientation, you wouldn't give two f--ks about his sexuality.

  • Thom

    Do you Lambert fans with children think this is approiate? I know our society is so sexually advanced now that girls take it up the a s s and don't think it's sex, but this is just gross.

  • limp

    I love how he works every single gay cliche he can find. It just makes him so unlikeable to me. What will he exploit next?

  • Aaron

    One of the ugliest, creepiest people ever. I can't stand this douce. He is so FUG! Get your sex change already, you look like a damn girl.

  • Joanne

    Wow, vid is going to be sooo hot! Can't wait.


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