Taylor Swift: “I Choose to Be Single”

What’s this? Have rumors of a Taylor Swift/Taylor Lautner hook-up been greatly exaggerated?

Fearless songbird Swift tells InStyle magazine in its December issue that, contrary to recent scuttlebutt, she’s unattached—and she wouldn’t have it any other way at the moment.

Says Swift,

“I’ve never thought it was a curse to be single, and at this point in my life, I’m in the mind-set where I choose to be single—like I got to light scented candles and write in my diary and I wouldn’t have time for that if I had a boyfriend right now!”

Oh well; guess there’s no need to come up with a cutesy celebrity-couple name for Lautner and Swift for the time being. (Besides, “Swautner” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.)

Swift does allow, however, that she and the New Moon hunk have “gotten really close” since filming the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

Hmm. Friends with benefits, maybe?

What say you, readers; are these two playing coy, or is their relationship truly platonic?