VIDEO: Kevin Jonas Makes a Splash With a Fan

VIDEO: Kevin Jonas Makes a Splash With a Fan-photo

Those Jonas Brothers fans sure have been an unruly bunch lately.

Following one JoBros follower's mad rush at the stage in Madrid last week, Kevin Jonas experienced the indignity of being splashed by a fan while performing "Video Girl" in Belgium.

Maybe it's some kind of sign of respect that's bestowed on visiting pop stars there?

Check out the video and have your say in the comments section: Did this fan go too far, or was it all in good, clean, wet fun?



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  • MG

    well i live in the netherlands {land area of belgium} and yes, in belgium there lives strange people :3... (OK everywhere before someone gets angry:$)

  • Laraaa.(:

    I think thats a little rude, But Kevin didn't seem mad, Lol.(: I love Kevinn, Hes super nice. (I met him!)

  • Angela

    How can you be so mean Kevin is so sweet

  • jen

    wtf? what idiot would randomly throw water at someone? lol

  • citygirl

    ummm no i would of slapped that bitch haha dont just throw water when someone is performin thats rude! and u obvious like them or y would u be at the concert...i think the fan took it to far thats embarrassin