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Giveaway: Celebrate The Holidays With Your Favorite Stars-photo

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  • charity
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  • lillymae

    I give joy to little kids by showing them the true meaning of christmas. they all think i'm crazzy for not wanting gifts.

  • ValyVenom

    I barely turned 15 this year so last year i actually bought my whole family presents and made home-made cards. I was so proud of my wrapping and just giving them to my family was the icing on the cake. Everyone loved their gifts and were grateful and I can't wait for this year to do something even better.

  • John Bryant
    John Bryant

    The best Christmas gift I've ever given is when I single handedly put together & personally delivered gift boxes for over 150 residents in an Armed Forces Veterans Home to help spread the holiday cheer. The gift of giving truly is the ultimate christmas gift.

  • lexxxylives

    I give joy by simply having a smile on my face and just loving my family and friends. They are the thing that get me through the day. As for the best gift, I believe it would be anything I have made. Whether it be a simple card or a blanket, I love to just show my love through my own special ways

  • izzy

    i guess what id was a few years ago i did this charity thing for cristmas called Christmas Cheer its away for parents who arent making eough money can give gifs to there kids. and this one lady i had was so sweet she started to cry as she told me that she wished she didnt have to go through charity to get gifts for her kids she said that it made her feel weak she couldnt do it on her own so hugged the lady and told her "everyone needs a helpng hand once in a while so we should be greatful to have this one". and she smiled to me i felt like srong words can be the greatest gift anyone can give. that da really impacted me and i still do the christmas cheer every year cause i love the smilesi can bring to people

  • chipmunk2011

    This 'gift' was the best for the person but the worst for me. Two years ago, close to Christmas, my great grandma was in the hospital. She was dying. My gift to her was being able to tell her one last time that I loved her and to promise to take care of her dog. I granted her last request but not without a heavy heart. I miss her deeply, but I know she's in a better place.

  • samantha148166

    The way I give joy to the people I love during the holidays is by making them smile and laugh. Thats the greatest gift I can get.Ive never really had much money to give people presents on Christmas but I Try my best to at least get them something special. I guess you can say the best gift I can give them is love and there will always be love from me no matter what.

  • takiera

    For Christmas, my mother always told my brothers and I that she do not want gifts for christmas.All she wants is for us to be good kids.(No arguing,fighting,attitudes).So one day my brothers and I cleaned the whole house and made dinner.We wrote our mother a poem telling her how much of a good parent she is.Giving joy on christmas is just to be happy and show love to family and friends.

  • hawazn[karlina wolf]
    hawazn[karlina wolf]

    i want to go on a holiday with karl wolf i am his # 1 fan because in school i never stop talking about him my theacher is sssssssooooooooo annoyed by it but i never stop i met karl wolf 8 times and i am 11 years old

  • leehzybbycakes

    I give joy by spreading around the most fondest memories I've had with everyone I've known, regarding if we talk on a daily basis, occasionally or at all. Just letting them know it was great knowing them and they still mean something to me because they were a part of my life. The greatest gift I've ever given someone in my point of view was at age of 15 I begged my father for a bunch of toys and woke up Christmas morning and found them under the tree, I was so happy. Then we went to visit family friends to spend time with them, we came across this family that the kids couldn't get any toys because they didn't have the money to buy them, I being young asked my parents to explain why couldn't they have what I got, my parents then explained their situation, i then only felt right to give all my toys away to that one family. Ever since then I've felt so proud of myself and have had a tradition of giving away a toy every year to a kid who i think really needs it.

  • Mark Prescott
    Mark Prescott

    Dear, There is necessity and then there is joy. It is my belief that these things go hand in hand. It makes it easier to experience joy after having a good hot meal. The holidays can be a difficult time for some folks. We all have to eat... Being a song writer, the best gift I've ever given to someone for the holidays is the gift of song. My friend Antoine is a very talented trumpet player here in NYC...Every year at local soup kitchens he plays music for the homeless. Last year I went with him and brought my guitar. The room was filled with the smell of food and the sound of music. Some people chose to sing along with are holiday songs. This put a smile on all are faces. Participating was the greatest gift...because in that room there was a sense of community, and through this participation and community there was Joy. Sincerely ~ Mark Prescott

  • Rean

    I go to college, and most of the time my friends & I are quite broke. No one expects anything special, nor get in the holiday cheer. We're on our own and are far away from family. The holidays are so much fun to me, and I want my friends to enjoy it as well so I make sure that they feel loved & joyful like the family we are. The best gift I've given wasn't just one gift, but the gift of pure holiday cheer complete with presents & food to brighten up everyone's holiday. No matter how many scrooges I have to deal with, I will always get the holiday spirit out of my friends... we're a family.

  • elektric

    What i do is just giving off positive vibes and trying my best helping others in anyway possible. I personally don't think it should just be for the holiday season i think it should always be like that. I would say the best gift is any joy I've given to anyone. No material things just if I've given joy or made someones day better is enough for me.

  • Blaise

    I go down to the local nursing home and decorate doors in Christmas decor and sing with the residents. Then, I go in the Alzheimer unit and bake cookies for them and help them decorate the eating area. They love when I spend time with them.

  • takiera

    Giving joy during the holiday season is by showing love or giving someone a gift.i have given my mama a gold necklace with her name that she always wanted.

  • Sara

    i give joy during the holiday season, by stuffing everyones stocking with tons of candy. the best gift i have given would have to be the camera i gave my sister because shew loves taking pics ~Sara

  • ashlee johnson
    ashlee johnson

    Last year my friend's mother died of cancer that spreaded all through her body. She was the only employed person in her family, and I came up with an idea to go shopping for my friends family. I spent all of my money and help with my mom to go grocery and neccessity shopping for her. The look on their faces full with happiness was over joying. That was a true holiday story.

  • Amber Dawn
    Amber Dawn

    i love christmas being with all my friends and family is so nice. i always get my friends gifts weather i make it or buy it but i always get 2 for them a joke gift and somthing they like, one year for a joke gift i got her smoking mittens cause she does not smoke so she was just like what am i going to do with these, but then i gave her the gift she would like, this really nice coach bag. i think the best gift i ever gave was in grad 5 i did alot of arts and crafts and i was working on a present for her for about 2 week at school and i made her this nice glossy clay jewelry box with a nice design on it she loved it and 5 years later still has and uses it, it really came from the heart

  • Johanna Block
    Johanna Block

    So probably everyone will say community service. So i dont want to be just another one of those people. So every year my school has a day where kids buy gifts for there parents and friends. My mom hates that day so she always took me out of school to give away gifts. I was always pissed because my mom was the only mom that took her kid out. She would take me to hospitals to give away toys i dont play with anymore to kids that wont be home for christmas and stuff in the hospital. The most memerable hospital was when we went to an organazation that had toddlers, babies and kids that had parents that are in jail for some sorts. Seeing those kids smile and play with them really opened up my heart to this place and thinking about what it would be like to not be at home for christmas with my family. I ended throughout the years help out there and make food. I thank my mom so much for taking me away from shopping and buying things for myself and finally give. It definently makes you feel good. Thanks mom!

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia

    Christmas has always been the best time of year for my family. We never had much but we would always do something, like see the Nutcracker together every year back in California(when I lived there). We were happy because we had food, each other's company, and a few presents. So on Christmas, I go with the Church to make sure that ALL people who ask for food, gets a nice meal on Christmas, which makes them so happy. I also help organize a small christmas party for the local children's after school program, for those who qualify for the free service. The kids love it. This is the best way I could think of to spend my holidays because I would have loved it when I was little, and everybody deserves a meal on this glorious day. =)

  • bethy

    christmas isn't all about getting or giving gifts. it's about being around the people that love you, wether it be family or friends or someone that you just met on the street. i think the greatist gift of all is knowing that you can go home to a place where people care about you. even those that are less fortunate. when you help then and get them food or gifts and the smiles that are on their faces. they know that someone care enough for them.

  • chrissie mitchell
    chrissie mitchell

    the best gift i had when my best freind matt gave me a star and named it after me to remind his love and freindship to me bc he had 6months to live dying with cancer.. its been 2years now and the love and happyness fun we had lives on everytime i look up to the sky looking at my star he named after me i miss him..

  • Katelyn

    Last christmas my family, instead of spending money buying presents for each other, bought 5 beds for one of my mom's special ed students from the inner city who has been living with his aunt and 6 cousins in an apartment with no furniture for the past 4 years.

  • Alexa Ben-Amor
    Alexa Ben-Amor

    During The Holiday Season I Give Joy By Jest Spending A lot Of Time With Everyone, Especially My Family & And Anyone Who Needs It. Its The Best Time Of The Year To Show The People You Care About That You Truly Do Love Them. The Best Gift That I, I Dont Want To Say I It Was My Family & I.(Mom, Dad, & Sister), We Actually Called One Of My Uncle's Who , At the Time, Jest Had a Heart Attack. We asked Him What He Was Doing For Thanksgiving, He Sounded Kinda Gloomy, So We Knew He Had Nothing Happening, & Nobody To Share Anything With. So My Family Invited Him Over For Thanksgiving. WE Tried To Make Sure He Had A Good Time, (Even Though We Had Jest Found Out My Grandmother (from my dad's side) Died That Night On Thanksgiving Day). It Was Nice To See Him Smiling After What He'd Gone Through. That Night, Even When We Were Sad Too, My Closest Cousin & His Dad Were Trying Really Hard To Find A Flight Right Then And There To Go See Her. It Was Impossible...By The End We had To Take It All In, And My Cousin, My Sister, And Her Boyfriend Were Trying To Lighten The Mood Up... Especially My Dad & Uncle. We Got Some Smiles Later That Night.

  • Kayla

    I donate stuff like food and clothes to charites when we have drives at school, I work in a local homeless shelters/soup kitchen type organization on Saturdays. The best gift I've given some one for the holidays was an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii using money I had saved/earned from fund raisers. Sadly she has passed away now, but I'll never forget how grateful she looked when she came back. She'd always wanted to go and I was happy to have made her dream come true.

  • Jess

    The best gift i ever gave someone was in the 6th grade when i helped out my home room teacher with the presents to the needy.They dont have anything and donating things for them to make there chritmas a little better then it was last year for them makes me very happy

  • Ellen Elizabeth
    Ellen Elizabeth

    I bake cookies and cupcakes for local homeless shelters and even just for friends whose families don't celebrate the holidays like mine does. It's really amazing what two dozen chocolate chip cookies can do for a person.

  • julie

    i donate hot burrito's every week during the holiday time, and when i have extra bucks i give beenies, hot hands, blankets, socks and gloves to a homeless shelter in the mojave desert during the winter because i know that it can get extremely cold out in the high deserts. The 1 best gift i've given was a ride from reno to san diego, i drove over to pickup a lady and take her to her family's house in sd, it wasn't a big deal because i was driving out anyway, but the lady was lit, i never seen a grown/old peson so happy in my life she was like a 3 year old kid again. it was pretty wild

  • kim94

    I give during the holiday season by making cookies and other things and handing them out to my neighbors. Also during the Christmas season I make a special exception to clean out my closet of things I don't use or need that someone else would appreciate more than me. The best gift I ever gave to someone was when I volunteered at a Christmas Handicapped dance, for all the handicapped kids in the local high schools. Seeing the looks on their faces when we got them to dance with us and with one another was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. It wasn't about buying them something, they appreciated our presence and it made me over joyed to be a apart of it.

  • Desiree

    Helping the homeless and needy people is always at the top of my list. I take a bunch of old clothes & blankets to all the homeless people who sleep under bridges in my city. So sad. And this year we set up a huge food drive to give to the needy!

  • Nicholas Verdekel
    Nicholas Verdekel

    If this is about giving one person the most joy: I must say, I used to be SO proud bringing home the silly holiday trinkets we made for Mom in Kindergarten. Why? Ahh, you know :) If it were about giving the best to everyone, no DOUBT everyone would be getting the Urbanoutfitters "Booty Buddy", Premium hipster 'Snuggie' knock-offs with an inflated price tag!! Because who could resist the warmth and ridiculousness? If this were about getting a date with Hannabeth? Hah, well I guess joy would be all mine, enough for everyone!

  • Jenny Jillian
    Jenny Jillian

    One of my close friend's younger sister has a disease called AT. With this rare disease, patients are predicted to have lymphoma cancer. Last winter she was in the hospital getting treatments for a few months. Winter rolled around, then Christmas, she was still bed ridden on the hospital bed. We all went to the hospital that day with a mini tree, cookies, and gifts. It's just nice to know she felt like it was Christmas in the hospital too. It's just what she needed to feel better.

  • Raquel

    The way I spread joy in the holiday seasons is by spending time with my whole family,Going over to my grandparents house and celebrating with them being happy enjoying the food,honestly the gifts arent that important whats important is being with the family and enjoying that all your family is okay and celebrating another year with them.

  • janny

    I spread Christmas joy at various times throughout the year to anyone unfortunate enough to be within listening range or stay up singing Christmas carols with my suitemate until 3 in the morning just after Halloween. Since my amount of US dollars consists of dirt and pocket lint, I mainly stay in charge of keeping the festivities alive during Christmas and gifts are showers of love and affection to all my dearly loved family and friends. Perhaps the odd stranger is thrown in there too ;)

  • jolenegolightly

    My dad is in a semi vegetative state (almost like a coma) and in a healthcare facility. It's very hard to be there all the time, but we cope. I'm going to bake cookies for the staff and patients - they can't leave the facility for the holidays so I thought I'd try to bring some of the holiday cheer to them instead :]

  • Angela

    I give joy by being thankful for what I got and not be upset that I didn't get something or I don't like something. The best gift would have to be going to spend Christmas with my dad because I hadn't had a Christmas with him in 5 years.

  • Cassandra

    I give joy during the holiday season by donating to toys for tots and a dollar here and there when i get the chance. The best gift I and my husband have been given is our daughter Audrey, who is turning 9 months old this month. Although we are both young, 20 and 22, she is defiantly the greatest blessing.

  • kaitlin

    i do whatever i can to help my family make ends meet, and i don't ask for much for christmas, and if i do, it's inexpensive. one year, my dad and i brought my cousin bryan home from iraq to see his family, since we're all really close, and it was going to be his 2nd christmas away from home.

  • Chloe Fiedler
    Chloe Fiedler

    At the end of the day Christmas isn't about gifts, but the time you spend with family. Making and sharing the memories that have happened over the years, and the ones you make on Christmas is the best gift I can give.

  • Alex

    Well, I spread Christmas joy by not being a pill all the time! hah, but the best present I've given...that's hard because I try to put a lot of thought into each gift. But my brother is allergic to metal, so he can't wear rings and etc., but he still enjoys it. So I went to his favorite, or one of them, little shops and I got him a ring made out of Buffalo Bone, nobody expected me to get him that.

  • Jennifer

    During the holiday season, to give thanks I help my church out with the homeless we cook them dinner and give them places to sleep for a few nights. The best christmas gift I have ever gaven to somone is a jingle ball ticket. My friend had always wanted to go and I tried everyday calling KIIS Fm, and finally got in, and I give my ticket to my friend it was really exciting.

  • Rowell Cayanan
    Rowell Cayanan

    During the wild fires in California, I donated some goods to the families in need and who have lost their houses. I still want them to feel special during the holiday season after all the disaster that the fires have caused to them.

  • audriealphabete

    The best thing about Christmas for me is getting to be around my family. Some of them I don't get the joy of seeing as often as I like and at Christmas we are all together, so it's wonderful. One year I made my now ex boyfriend (oh well) a book, about us and all the reasons I loved him. I enjoy being really crafty and at the time I didn't have a job so I couldn't afford to get anyone gifts. I'm excited for this year, I'm getting my mom tons of twilight stuff (shes obsessed!!!) and some cloths. Then for my dad he's pretty bummed that it's getting to cold to ride his motorcycle so I'm just gonna stock him up on some new Harley stuff since that's what he loves. I also plan on picking up a few more things here and there for a few other people but this year is going to be exciting! I can't wait to see if everyone enjoys their gifts!

  • johnny

    spreding the feeling that cannot be explained by eny word or phrase in any language on earth the feeling you get when being around your friends youve known for years. or your family or to evin be with the one you love to be happy and to over come every challange that rears its head in your life and to look past it all for a day and be thankful ur alive and with the ones that matter most

  • Rose

    My best friend's step dad died last night, Christmas is more about love not gifts, I talked to her, I cried with her, I was there for her. Friendship is definitely one of the best gifts in the world.

  • Derikah

    i spread the joy on holidays by spending time with my friends and family letting them know I really care. We decorate the house together and cover christmas cookies in frosting. At this time of year we're all just together and happy. I'm not sure that I have ever given someone a present that I can say is the best present I've ever given. I don't think I've given one yet and that is pretty upsetting. I have come to realize now that I should make a goal by giving everyone the best present ever.

  • missnatz(Natasha Forero)
    missnatz(Natasha Forero)

    ..and I just realized someone wrote almost the EXACT same thing for their best gift. haha!

  • missnatz

    I bring joy by simply keeping a happy vibe during the holiday season and making sure that others around me are just as excited to reunite together. The best gift I have given someone would have to be an Ipod for my mother. Not because of the gift itself, but it was the first time I could say I really impressed my mom and made her happy with what i got her for Christmas. I felt like a working woman who could really afford something nice for their parents at the the age of 17.

  • Makinsy Petty
    Makinsy Petty

    I give everyone around me a smile, strength and honesty. You can't put a price on affection, love or friendships; no mater how hard you try. So to me, money and material possessions don't mean anything, All that matters is having the important things,;your family and friends to share the season with full of love and good cheer.

  • Erinleebee

    I give joy of the holidays by being with people, my friends and my family the most. I really enjoy being with them during the holidays because it's always so much more fun when you're around the people you love! Every little thing, like making crafts, baking cookies, small get togethers, playing outside, doing a puzzle, or setting up decorations, just gets you and the ones you're with the joy of the holiday season. I like to give the gift of being together and just enjoying life and, of course, the holidays!!!

  • Nadia Celia Hamidou
    Nadia Celia Hamidou

    Since I study abroad, I am not physically around my family during the Holidays season. However, I send them postcards every three days for a month so they know they are always in my heart. Last year, I flew back to Paris and knocked on my parents' door wearing a bow on my head and said "Surprise! I'm your Christmas present!". It was very tearful & joyful!

  • Jasmine

    I like to spend time with my one and only family. They're the truest of the true in every way. A few years ago, I went down to Skid Row with a bunch of people and we used a lot of clothes and other things to give out to people in need. Very amazing. Love Christmas :]

  • amoree

    The way i give joy is letting my family know i love them and how much they all mean to me. I honestly think the best gift anyone can receive during the holidays is having and seeing all of their family another year, unlike others, some don't get another year with one of their loved ones. So I'm very thankful for that. I remember it was during christmas week,It was the coldest week ever. We were driving home from a family get together over in Mexico and there was this man ouside in the cold without a sweater and was barefoot asking for help, And from all the cars no one helped him. my heart dropped. I wanted to help him in so many ways but i couldn't. So i gave him my jacket and a blanket i had as well. He took it right away and covered himself and said thank you and god bless you. That was the most grateful feeling i had ever experienced. So that was the best gift i have given to someone.

  • Neda Ansari
    Neda Ansari

    Nothing is better than exchanging gifts between close friends. Not only did I buy some new items like tights or a record for my best friend Elsi, but I gave her a shirt of mine she always wished was under her possession! Although that may come off as cheap, I think it showed how much i cherished our friendship. I was able to sacrifice a shirt I loved for myself, to give to a best friend because I knew she loved it. So all in all, the best way to give joy during the holidays, is by giving a gift of something a friend or family member has on their wish list along with something that means a lot to you as well.

  • Sean Garr
    Sean Garr

    i would give joy for the holidays by singing to my friends and family and spend special time with everyone i can; because family is a must for the holiday.... :-)

  • raysaroni

    I believe that Christmas isnt all about the gifts it is about the time spent with family, I guess it's because I am a little older that I find more joy in giving gifts especially to the little ones in the family. The best gift I have ever given is when my mom and I do Operation Christmas child where you fill a box the size of a shoe box with gifts to give to those kids who are less fortunate.Depending on the age and the sex of the child I give them different things. For instance, teenage girls I have given make-up, hair accessories, perfume, bascially a little care package for them to use. Its the best feeling to know that you made someone's Christmas

  • daviboi

    Never really celebrated any holidays growing up or ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe. Growing up a Jehovah's Witness sucks! Maybe this year will be a bit different? Yah?

  • Lindsay Tackett
    Lindsay Tackett

    During the holiday season, I give joy by being extra friendly to those around me. The aura of the holidays coming soon, and winter time being prominent makes me happy, so I like making other people happy as well. If someone is looking glum, or unhappy, or even if they are happy, I tend to send a smile their way, open the doors for them, help them pick up anything they dropped, etc. Simple kind gestures that can make someone's day instantly. The best gift I have ever given anyone during the holiday season would have to be my time. I told my family on year that I was going to hang out with my friends for Christmas, rather than spending the day with them like I usually do. They were all bummed and upset, since we don't get together very often. I realized I was being selfish and was only thinking about myself so I cancelled on my friends, and happily spent the day with my family. They were so excited and happy to see me, the day was just so great. It was great gift because my family only gets together for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we don't get to see each other very often. Gifts don't always have to be about how much money you spent on something, the best gifts come from the heart and are usually effortless, like in this case, I gave my presence and my time. :)

  • Ramona

    Every christmas My brother and put on a show for our grandparents. We play piano, flute, cello, guitar and sing carols for them. We also sing some more modern songs that we know lyrics too or of course the famous Beatle songs. My Grandparents live east coast while I live in Los Angeles, so they always look forward to the concert we put on. The best gift I ever gave has to be the Teletubbie I got for my brother. This was when he was very young and I as well and thus the parents would usually pay for gifts for the other and write our name. For the teletubbie I collected all the change I could and walked myself over to the local grocery store to get dollars for my change. Although now I look back and can chuckle at my childish purchase, At the time it was worth everything to me. Watching my little brother open that present (he was a huge teletubbie fan) was such an rewarding experience.

  • autumn

    Every year my mom and I go into Atlanta and give out blankets to the men and women who live on park benches and the street corners. My mom always used to tell me when I was younger that no matter what someone else has or doesnt have just warmth from anothers heart can make them feel better. This year we are going to a soup kitchen.

  • amber94

    I think that the best way to spread joy during the holidays is with love and doing good deeds for others. I think that the best gift I have ever given someone would have to be money that I gave to my mother. We were not very well off that year and she was trying to give us a nice christmas and get us what we wanted. I had been saving up money and after I gave her the money I felt great.

  • ninjachele

    I would have to say the best gift I gave to someone for the holidays would have to have been the engraved IPod I bought my mom for Christmas last year. My mom didn't have an mp3 player and really wanted one but couldn't really afford to buy one for herself. I had recently come into a little bit of money and decided to buy her one to try and show her how much I appreciated her for everything she's done for me. (Considering I was 18 at the time she wasn't really expecting it from me and seeing the look on her face when she got it was all I needed to know that I did the right thing.) But...if I were to win this I think it would blow my other gift out of the water. Because, if I were to win this I would take my sister-in-law with me and she's been a Good Charlotte fan since forever and this would mean the world to her (because seeing as it benefits the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation there is a good chance that at least Joel might be there.)

  • JonDuquette

    the joy i get through the holiday seasons is seeing my family's face light up when i actually have a little something for them under the tree. Nobody really suspects me to ever give a gift, but that little something always makes me feel good. i think the best gift i've given for the holiday was a pickle ornament for the trees to come. it is a german tradition to hang a pickle in the tree and first to find it, gets an etra gift for having unhindered eyesight! it was a gift that will be in the family throughout time because of its significance representing a bit of our culture here in california

  • KaterinaPerez

    For the holidays this year I'm planning a clothes drive for neighborhoods to gather up all their old clothes to bring to my door so I can send them to a foreign country. I believe the sweetest gift I've ever given was when i built a gingerbread home for my best friend, he absolutely loved it!

  • :)

    this is going to be a really chiche answer but its true. i think the way to give joy during the holidays is to be a good person and put other people before yourself and try to make people happy. the best gift ive ever given anyone is a collage of picture of fun times weve had. becasue its like a bunch of great memories put together

  • Tarashton

    Last year my mom gave each me ad my brothers a $20 bill and told us to help someone in some way. I thought on it and thought on it and couldn't think of what to do with it... finally I realized. There was a family I knew and they had been struggling... there mom was sick and their Dad spent a lot of money on alcohol... this itself caused problems within the family. So they didn't have a lot of money for gifts. I added more money to what my mom gave me and ended up giving the mom $75 to spend on her kids.... she started crying what's I explained to her what I was doing. That was the greatest feeling ever.

  • Alexis Kelly
    Alexis Kelly

    I always try to connect my family together. My grandmother was the tie to our family, and no matter what everyone made a point to at least visit her Christmas party or stay the night. Since her passing in 2003 we're scattered and hardly spend the holidays together so I often suggest attempts to reunite. I also donate food and toys to the less fortunate. I'd say the best gift I've given was the painting/collage of my grandma to my mother.

  • Chrysa

    I try to spread joy by doing little, unexpected things for my loved ones. I think the best gift I ever gave was a plane ticket for my sister to go see her boyfriend.

  • budget101

    I don't feel that one should wait until christmas time to spread joy, I feel that it should be done on a daily basis throughout the year. I try to do bunch of things throughout the year, like surprising my neighbor with a case of beer now and then from the "beer fairy", creating a website to help dig people out of debt, volunteering, etc. I wish that people would treat each other on a daily basis the way they tend to during the Short Holiday season. Bright Blessings!

  • Abby

    The best way I spread joy is putting on my biggest smile and going out and doing good deeds. They don't have to be big. They can be just holding a door for elderly, flashing a smile to someone who looks lonely, or even helping my family out around the house.

  • Shannon V.
    Shannon V.

    Every year on Christmas Eve some of my friends and I would volunteer to work in a soup kitchen for the homeless or hospitals. We actually meet lots of nice people with interesting stories to tell. & Its always fun to be with friends, doing good together =]

  • Sydney Mathis
    Sydney Mathis

    I try to bring joy to the season by keeping a positive outlook, donating whatever time and/or money to charities, and helping others in need. The best gift I have both received and given is my youngest son whom I adopted from my sister when she was unable to care for him.

  • Laurie Emerson
    Laurie Emerson

    I feel so blessed about having so much. After Hurricane Katrina hit my city of Biloxi and took so much away, I realized just how much I had. I am so grateful for each meal on my table, a roof over my head, my family being safe and healthy and being able to see each day begin and end. I try and give back to others, especially this time of year as I know it can be such a hard time financially, and emotionally. We have a son who was in Afghanistan with the Army and since we are retired military, we make sure that each Christmas every person who has no family close by comes to our home for the holiday. I make a Christmas stocking for each one as well as find out something special they like to eat and what they might like for a gift, so they have something under our tree. I am never quite sure how many will show up so I tend to make a lot of food. I also bake cookies to send overseas to troops as well as adopt a couple of people to send other items. I am not sure who enjoys it more, those who I give to, or just the joy of giving. The best gift I have ever received is the gift of being able to see my son help his son decorate the tree. Family is everyting to me and having so many people to love and love back is a gift everyday of my life.

  • ktsmom

    We enjoy making handmade gifts that incorporate photos and artwork from the past year to share with our families. These gifts don't cost a lot and the people we love and who love us appreciate the thought and effort that is put into the gifts. For our elderly family members who are within driving distance we make sure that we make an effort to not only hand deliver the gifts we allow ourselves plenty of time to spend with them. It's so easy to be too busy in the frenzy of the holidays and we need to make sure to realize sometimes just being together is enough to bring joy to each other.



  • Mélissa Georget
    Mélissa Georget

    Hey' ! During the winter season, to give joy around me, I love make hot chocolates and cakes, then I give all them for free. In my village ! I love do this ! And the best present I've ever done is when ì g ave to my BFF 2 plane ticket to L ondon :) And she gave me the 2nd t ickets . We've done the best trip o f ever ! :)

  • Mélissa !
    Mélissa !

    Hey' ! During the winter season, to give joy around me, I love make hot chocolates and cakes, then I give all them for free. In my village ! I love do this ! And the best present I've ever done is when ì gave to my BFF 2 plane ticket to London :) And she gave me the 2nd tickets . We've done the best trip of ever ! :)

  • Kim

    My dad came from poverty in the Philippines. He was able to make it in America and start a family here. Now, we usually go back to the Philippines for Christmas and we fill about 30 huge buckets full of food that poor people might never get to experience. It's the little things like spam or hot dogs or cheese that never get to have. We drive around the squatter area of the Philippines (which is where they litterally have to squat because they have tiny houses made out of garbage they find like cardboard or tin) and give out the buckets. It's no lie and it may seem cliche but it helps me appreciate the important things in life, like family or God. It makes me never take anything for granted because I realize I'm very lucky.

  • msui

    Picture link didn't work. Here you go !

  • msui

    For the holidays, I tend to make gifts incorporating the photos I take of my family. It really personalizes and makes every small moment a significant one. For the last Christmas, the best gift I have ever given was a photo collage to each of my cousins. One of my closest cousins was diagnosed with cancer, and I was able to capture all our best moments in a single picture frame. Now we are able to look upon the collage and remember her and how amazing she was as a person. Here's a picture of it !

  • Renee Jones
    Renee Jones

    Everywhere I go during the holidays, no matter where it is, I greet everyone. I say Happy Holidays! Or, Merry Christmas! I think just having a positive attitude gets everyone into the holiday spirit. Every year i put together shoe boxes and decorate them and fill them will candy & toys & such & send them to kids who aren't lucky enough to have their own Christmas. Altogether, I think that's how to bring joy to the holiday season & I believe that is also the best gift I've ever given someone.

  • Rebecca Michelson
    Rebecca Michelson

    The best way to spread joy over the holidays is with love. Yes, gifts and money are nice, but I like just spending time with my family and friends over Christmas.

  • Courtney

    Honestly, Christmas isnt about gifts. I always get something I think is cool. But more than anything I am truely grateful for the gift I get everytime I see my little boy smile. True Happiness.

  • Teresa Simpson
    Teresa Simpson

    [quote=Teresa Simpson]I was very bless to have a good job at the time and the company I worked for had giving all the workers a Holiday turkey. At the time my fathers sister/my aunt had a large family (8) and didn't have enough money for a Thanksgiving turkey so I called my aunt and ask if she would like to have a turkey for her family Thanksgiving. It's better to give than receive -Teresa

  • Teresa Simpson
    Teresa Simpson

    I was very bless to have a good job at the time and the company I worked for had giving all the workers a Holiday turkey. At the time my fathers sister/my aunt had a large family (8) and didn't have enough money for a Thanksgiving turkey so I called my aunt and ask if she would like to have a turkey for her family Thanksgiving. It's better to give than receive -Teresa

  • Ann

    He was in the hospital, in the late stages of HIV-Aids. So, rather than be without him on Christmas morning, I loaded our two children in the car, stuffing my sons riding hotwheels into the backseat somehow, and my daughter wrapped herself into a pretzel to fit in the car. We sang Christmas carols and rang the bell on the Hotwheels as he zoomed down the hallway to bring Christmas to him, much to the nurses dismay:)

  • kam25

    I gave my parents their first grandchild. We have struggled as a family as this brought everyone a little closer.

  • pb and j
    pb and j

    nothing i gave nobody nothing because everybody has done something wrong in the year and every kind of deserves coal or nothing (oh ya and can u post the winner on ur web thanx

  • sadwadazcx


  • Ash

    I helped out give food to the homeless so they can be clothed and have food to eat

  • Nay

    I gave my bf Foo Fighters tickets that had come in the mail for him that 'he' bought around 4 months before christmas....I also wrapped them in a box that made it look like a bigger item than it actually was. He thought i was pure evil but i simply new i had given him the best present that year!!

  • fraiche

    Weeks after kissing another girl under the mistletoe, I STILL gave my (then, ex)boyfriend a winter coat because his broke ass was freezing to death. True spirit of giving, y'all -- helping the NEEDY.