Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Want An Intervention

Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Want An Intervention-photo

Lindsay Lohan has been partying non-stop over the past week or two, sparking concern from not only dad Michael Lohan, but her closest LA pals. Unfortunately, Lindsay doesn't think she has a problem.

Over the weekend, a longtime friend of the actress tried to convince Lindsay to check herself back into rehab, without any success.

The failed attempt happened at an after-party at the home of Stavros Niarchos in the wee hours of the night on Friday. ‘‘The only problem was, she saw David Trent [a close friend of her despised father] and immediately bolted,’’ said a source from the party.

The friend added,

"She kept moving from room to room. ... She was clearly hyped-up on more than just booze. It was impossible to corner her, until a few people tried to — in a bathroom when it was nearly dawn."

Hmmm. An intervention at 7 AM at a party doesn't seem like the smartest idea does it?



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  • guest

    They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no"

  • jen

    man, I know poeple with problems don't like admiting it but jeez, shes freaking insane!

  • Liv

    Those extensions are horrible!

  • ZombieLover

    If there's lines of white substance on a mirror, then does it truly count as an intervention?A party @ 7 am sounds fishy.