Taylor Lautner Gets All Dolled Up at the New Moon Premiere

Taylor Lautner Gets All Dolled Up at the New Moon Premiere-photo

Apparently, Taylor Lautner is a little uncomfortable with the notion of being miniaturized in plastic form.

Access Hollywood caught up with the New Moon star on the red carpet of Monday night's Los Angeles premiere, and presented him with a little surprise: The Jacob Black Twilight Barbie.

Check out the video to see Lautner's reaction; it's pretty priceless. Though perhaps not quite as priceless as Robert Pattinson's reaction to the Jacob doll...



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  • sydsouth

    * This short interview in my opinion was the best interview of him I have seen!! I could make him blush longer by the way..anyways, I so can't wait to see all of his pack come November 20th-- HIS " SIX PACK " ,, I mean!! * lolz

  • obsessed

    LOL SAY WHAT!!! he looks sort cute when he blushes XD


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