VIDEO: Justin Bieber On 'Ellen'

VIDEO: Justin Bieber On 'Ellen'-photo

Justin Bieber appeared on Ellen for the second time this month to surprise the crowd on Tuesday afternoon. The 15-year-old Pop star, whose debut album My World hit stores today, took the stage with none other than Usher.

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, the canadian talent was discovered on YouTube and eventually signed to Usher's label just last year.

Check out the video below, where Usher and Bieber have a little dance off! Love it.

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  • mariah moore
    mariah moore

    oh my gosh i am your biggest fan i love you so much can you send me concert tickets to your next concert in Houston in March.My mom or dad wont buy me your cd and i was wondering if you could send it to me or where i could buy it with a golden ticket in it

  • charliemurphy

    Why is Usher always hanging around white women? This Justine character looks to be underage as well. She's total jail bait.