VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Does Conan O'Brien

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Does Conan O'Brien-photo

The stars of New Moon pretty much dominated the late-night airwaves on Monday night.

Aside from Taylor Lautner acting like a total tosser on Jay Leno's program, Kristen Stewart popped in on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien.

The Woman Who Plays Bella Swan dished about the heat she gets for not finishing her sentences in interviews (even her dad gets in on the nagging) and messy fan encounters.

Check out the clip above and let us know in the comments section: Does K-Stew's interview style annoy you, or is it endearing?



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  • Camille

    i care about the tiny movies that she does!!! i saw "Speak" and "The Messengers" and "Catch that Kid" and "The Cake Eaters". I've seen most of them!! See, Ms. Stewart you gotta give the people like me some credit here.

  • jon

    shes so hot wow

  • Malorie

    Krsiten shines in this interview- She did awsome, she is more alive and happy ... I love her hair and dress, she looks great!!:)

  • Nay

    I was just thinking the same thing as you Loubna, it looks like she may have gotten carried away with a pen before she came onstage but still, What is it??? She always looks stunning too at least she has the guts to wear the outfits she wears...

  • loubna

    really good interview..but i wanna know what is in her this a tatoo??...& the dress is SOOOOOOOOO GOREGEOUS, i wanna have some of her dresses. AHHHHHHHHHH.....TEAM KRISTEN

  • obsessed

    first of all her shoes are so CUTE and then her hair looks good too. she looks pretty and cool interview... kay im done.

  • mo

    where is her stylist? I know that she doesn't want to go all hollywood but she should at least do something with her hair, it looked awful.

  • lully

    love her dress... very sexy...

  • dorota klaudia
    dorota klaudia

    she's so natural :) that's great :)!

  • jo

    She was great late night and so cute.

  • dress

    Yeah she did really good, but what's up with the dress? Couldn't they find one that actually fit her? She sits and her stomache protrudes out of it.

  • regans

    This interview changed my mind -- I really really hate to admit it, but I like her.

  • Yum

    this is one of her best interviews... she was able to express herself without losing herself. :3 looks like shes growing into her skin as a star...

  • awwww

    She's so beautiful!!!!! I love her!!!