Whitney Port Gives Makeup Tips

Whitney Port Gives Makeup Tips-photo

Attention: Now you can look just like Whitney Port, literally! (Wardrobe not included.)

Port took to her blog to share some super helpie makeup tips from her daily routine. With a few basic products, your food allowance and the flick of a wand you'll be looking like you belong on The City in no time. Check out her blog to learn how your face can go from drab to fab in just five minutes.

Who wouldn't want a face a fresh as hers? Let us know if you agree.



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  • Liv

    Can I have those puffy droopy eyes she always sports?

  • sadwadazcx
  • noah

    Um, WORST photo ever to use for a story about makeup tips from Whitney Port. It looks like a wolverine riding a swarm of bumble-bees attacked her eyes. Either that, or she's been crying a lot because I won't return her calls.