Carmen Electra's Super-Classy Girl-on-Girl Tape

Carmen Electra's Super-Classy Girl-on-Girl Tape-photo

After marriages to cross-dressing basketballer Dennis Rodman and mascara enthusiast Dave Navarro, should it really be surprising that Carmen Electra has a fondness for the ladies?

Check out this video of the former Baywatch babe sucking down the bubbly and getting cozy with an unknown female friend. The origin and details behind the video are unknown (self-leak, anyone?), but clearly, it was a magical, magical evening.

Take a look at the video (warning: possibly NSFW, if you happen to work at the Vatican) and share your thoughts in the comments section!



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  • Paul

    That girl-girl thing never gets old, especially with a hottie like Carmen.

  • Yes

    Now that's the kinda of things you should post not that faggy crap called Twilight

  • charliemurphy

    What's with white women always getting drunk and lesbian'ing it up with each other. Some how this girl-on-girl thing never caught on with the black community.