Joe Jonas Challenges Sleepy Puppy to a “Cute-Off”

In a fictitious letter released through his make-believe attorney, Joe Jonas has demanded to meet YouTube sensation, “Golden Retriever Puppy Falling Asleep,” in a field of daisies to determine who is the cutest living creature on the planet.

This past Tuesday morning, Joe’s world was rocked when his magical mirror declared that there was one cuter than he. Joe had always prepared for the day when his younger brother, Nick, might challenge him for the title, but he was completely unprepared for a fluffy puppy with his head resting on a staircase to assert his place at the top of the cute food-chain.

“There’s more to being cute than just looking cute,” asserted Joe Jonas, in a statement that we completely made up, when asked about the 2,000,000+ hits received by the Golden Retriever Puppy on YouTube. “There’s also thinking cute. And nobody thinks cuter than me.”

For his part, Sleepy Puppy was unavailable for comment.

However, you can have your say in our poll. Tell us: Who’s cuter, Joe Jonas or Sleepy Golden Retriever Puppy?