Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Caused Major Family Drama

It seems shocking, we know, but apparently Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy with once-and-current beau Scott Disick wasn’t greeted with unanimous glee by Kourtney’s family.

In a new interview, Kourtney’s sister Kim Kardashian reveals that the family was reluctant to welcome Scott—whose relationship with Kourtney has been rocky in the past—back into the fold:

“When Scott came back into our lives, it was like Kourtney was asking us to forgive and forget everything she’d said about him. We were really confused. We had to readjust our feelings about him, and sometimes we had a tough time with it.”

Adding to the dilemma, Kim says, was Disick’s seeming unwillingness to abandon his party-boy ways and embrace the responsibilities of impending fatherhood:

“I think he was just trying to have as much fun as possible before the baby came. All he wanted to do was hang out with his friends. He needed to realize that Kourtney and the baby had to come first.”

Luckily, Disick eventually came to that realization, winning over Kourtney’s protective siblings in the process. As Kourtney’s other sister, Khloe recalls,

“He just started trying so much harder. He put the crib together—no one asked him to. He’s not a manual labor kind of guy, but for him to put the crib and changing table together meant so much to Kourtney.”

Let’s hear it for second chances.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kourtney and Scott will be able to stick it out for the long haul?