Nick Jonas Talks Solo Album

Nick Jonas Talks Solo Album-photo

Are you excited to see Nick Jonas on his own when he debuts his first solo album Who I Am in 2010?

The youngest Jonas Brother, who recently announced his plans for a solo adventure called Nick Jonas and the Administration, talked to USA Today about the exciting details of his upcoming music.

"I had written five or six songs that were on my heart, things that were just pouring out of me with this new and exciting sound. They weren't necessarily right for the Jonas Brothers, but I thought they could be perfect for something else."

The 16-year-old made the album with producer John Fields in just 8 days, along with drummer Michael Bland, keyboardist Tommy Barbarella, guitarist David Ryan Harris & Sonny Thompson.

Nick describes the sound as "Heart & Soul," adding

"It's a cross between my roots in R&B and soul with a kind of rock/pop music behind it. We would set up in individual booths and play simultaneously. There are very few overdubs on the record. Some songs are full live. It has a raw, late-'60s/early-'70s rock/soul sound."

Apparently, the song titles are a play off his fascination with politics and the presidency: "The Rose Garden," "Olive & An Arrow," "Conspiracy Theory" and "State of Emergency."

Did you know that the Jonas Brothers song "World War III" was originally intended as one of Nick's solo songs?

Nick also was quick to dispel any breakup rumors, saying "It's kind of funny when you hear the breakup talk and you're gearing up to have a really busy year."

Are you excited for Nick's solo album?



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  • r1c3m0v3s

    he looks so amazing when he smiles.

  • Leanne Empett
    Leanne Empett

    i cant wait for this album its going to be great i love the jonas brothers. Nick is my favorite!!!!!

  • Lara

    CANT WAIT! I'll buy it the day it comes out! Joe's my favorite.. But Nick Is amazing too,(: I cant wait to hear the songs.. Im sure there awesome.[;

  • katysamuels :)
    katysamuels :)

    i luv the jbs bt i wish nick all the best of luck i mean hes gt the talent so y not n besides he is a sexgod !!! you got it right, girlfriend. Goodluck Nick, we'll support you all the way, aswell as your brothers :)

  • vikki

    i luv the jbs bt i wish nick all the best of luck i mean hes gt the talent so y not n besides he is a sexgod !!!

  • ale

    cant wait for the album... but still jobros as them three my fave band

  • jen

    can't wait to hear it!

  • ronaldolvr

    i don't know about this one i think it would be kinda sad:(

  • charley

    omg. I think that this is a great idea. He has such an amazing voice and it would be amazing to hear it on its own. I love the Jonas brothers, big fan here, but i think its still a awsome idea, and he should totally go for it.