Paris Hilton and Doug: More Fighting?

Did Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt get into another drunk battle, similar to their epic Halloween fight? That’s what we’re hearing!

Earlier today, TMZ reported that cops were called to Paris’ Hollywood home early this morning to a call of “drunk people arguing,” according to law enforcement sources.

An eyewitness said that he saw Paris in her driveway and Doug getting in his car, when Paris began screaming, “Don’t go, don’t go!” Shortly after, Doug exited his car and the couple  began “shoving each other.”

Responding to the report, Paris now alleges that it was her houseguests that were in the fight….she was sleeping, people!

“Doug and I were in bed, sound asleep, when Doug’s houseguests from hell got into an argument. We had nothing to do with it. Doug told the LAPD that his guests’ fight was over and that we had nothing to do with it.”

Hmmm…..but what about the eyewitness that saw Paris and Doug fighting? And the cops, who actually made Paris get out of bed so they could check for injuries?

Who do you believe? Dish in the comments!