PHOTO GALLERY: American Eagle Gets Gossip Girl Love

From Gossip Girl chic to undercover extraterrestrial on the town. Yes, we realize how ridiculous this sounds, but what about how ridiculous she looks?

Leighton Meester was beamed into the opening event of the American Eagle flagship store in Times Square on Tuesday, thankfully leaving the mothership behind. We don’t understand, she’s usually donning a killer couture-esque look that only she can pull off. However, this time it appears as though she crossed the line and kept running. Not to point out the obvious, but she looks like she wet herself after eating a box of Crayolas.

The GG starlet attended the event with a few, more appropriately dressed, co-stars including Jessica Szohr and Michelle Trachtenberg. The cast watched as Meester rocked the stage in her deranged duds.

Earlier in the night she took to the carpet in a barely-there bondage-dominatrix look.

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